Life After Horrific Death for the Journalist James Foley

Diane Foley let the artist Bradley McCallum see her son’s unpublished journals. The result is a stunning memorial of war and its human toll.

Mrs. Foley has a desperately keen understanding of what happens in a conflict zone. “Jim” was her son, the freelance photojournalist James W. Foley. He was kidnapped in 2012 while covering the Syrian civil war, held hostage for 21 months and brutally murdered in 2014 by members of the Islamic State in an execution filmed by his captors and released online. Many remember his death, but his mother and Mr. McCallum, who is painting a series based on Mr. Foley’s work, want people to remember his chronicle of war, its human cost and his humanity.

Remembering James Foley, part 2 | dvafoto

The day after James Foley’s tragic death, we collected a number of remembrances written by friends and colleagues.  Many more have been published since the news first came out, and we thought it’d be good to link to those here.

Enabling ISIS, the VICE Videos and the Execution of AFP Videographer James Foley - Reading The Pictures

Where are the ethics and the boundaries when the media engagement is so passive, even acquiescent, and the product, so indistinguishable from propaganda that the insurgents feel they can have their way with the exposure?

I’m quite uncomfortable with the VICE videos, especially when their head of news programming refused to disclose the terms upon which they were created. Do the VICE videos provide context, the video producer on hand establishing himself as an embed and a documentarian? Yes, they do. At the same time, however, how much was VICE there for the sensation and to enhance their own scintillating brand?


Brave, committed, humble, fun and a great reporter. Colleagues remember the American journalist James Foley, who has been executed by jihadist militants.

U.S. staged secret operation into Syria to rescue Americans

Senior White House officials meeting on purported beheading of American journalist James Foley.

President Obama said Wednesday that the United States “will be vigilant and we will be relentless” against Islamic State militants and would “do what’s necessary to see that justice is done” following the videotaped execution of an American journalist.

Executioner’s accent prompts a reckoning in Britain

American journalist's apparent killer is recognized by Londoners as one of their own.

Security officials in London have been sounding the alarm for more than a year over the large number of foreigners in Syria, with the chief of Scotland Yard telling reporters last week that about 500 Britons are among the thousands of Westerners who have joined the fight.

Photojournalist James Foley Executed By ISIS On Video

A video posted online today by The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) shows a militant in the act of beheading American freelance photojournalist James W. Foley.

The YouTube video titled "A Message To #America (from the #IslamicState) shows a barefoot man standing, and on his knees, who is identified as Foley. He is wearing an orange shirt and pants. Standing beside him is a black-clad, masked ISIS militant. During the five-minute video Foley was forced to read an anti-American statement in which he was made to say that his "real killer" is America. 

Can an Anti-Blackout Save Journalist James Foley in Syria?

We may never know whether imposed silences by their parent organizations helped NBC News's Richard Engel or The New York Times's David Rohde escape, but the Agence France-Presse is now trying the opposite.

The family of freelance reporter Jamey Foley has broken a six-week blackout, launching a public awareness campaign that appeals for his release from an unknown Syrian group. The AFP also reported on his disappearance Wednesday morning, citing witnesses who say that the war reporter "was seized by armed men in the northern province of Idlib on November 22."

Journalists Detained in Libya Finally Contact Families | PDNPulse

Three of four journalists detained nearly three weeks ago by forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi have finally been able to call their families to report that they are OK–but still locked up in a jail in Tripoli with little indication of when the

Spanish photographer Manuel Varela de Seijas Brabo was arrested April 5 along with American reporters James Foley, a correspondent for the online news site GlobalPost, and Clare Morgana Gillis, a freelancer who had been in Libya reporting for The Atlantic and USA Today. South African photographer Anton Hammerl was detained separately on the same day.

Libya: Four Missing Journalists

It’s been a week since the American journalists Clare Morgana Gillis, James Wright Foley, freelancers reporting for and GlobalPost, …

It’s been a week since the American journalists Clare Morgana Gillis, James Wright Foley, freelancers reporting for and GlobalPost, respectively, and their Spanish and South African colleagues Manuel Varela de Seijas Brabo and Anton Hammerl, both photographers, were captured by Qaddafi’s forces near the eastern Libyan oil town of Brega.

Libya Expected to Release Four More Captured Journalists | PDNPulse

Four journalists, including two photographers, who were detained on Tuesday by forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi will soon be released, according to a report just published by Qaddafi’s chief spokesperson has said the journalis

Those detained included freelance photographers Manu Brabo of Spain and Anton Hammerl of South Africa; and reporters James Foley of the online news site GlobalPost and Clare Morgana Gillis, an American freelancer.