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Honoring the creation of VII Photo Agency – The Eye of Photography

Perpignan, Visa pour l’image festival, September 8, 2001. For a few years, a certain gloom reigns over the world of photojournalism, in seemingly continuous decline. Then, however, a group of seven photojournalists– Alexandra Boulat, Ron Haviv, Gary Knight, Antonin Kratochvil, Christopher Morris, James Nachtwey, and John Stanmeyer– announced the formation of VII, a traditional photo agency based on the global Web.


The third edition of Eyes on Main Street – The Eye of Photography

Focusing on the theme of “Main Street: a Crossroad of Cultures,” the exhibition, curated by Jerome De Perlinghi and co-curated by Catherine Coulter Lloyd and Régina Monfort, features the work of 100 photographers from 31 countries with an equal number of men and women. Among the artists included in this years’ edition are: the late Marc Riboud, Olivia Arthur, Linda Bournane-Engelberth, Omar Havana, James Nachtwey, Martin Parr, Eugene Richards, Gaia Squarci and Jo Ann Walters.


Ljubljana : James Nachtwey at Slovenia Press Photo – The Eye of Photography

I spent the entire day right in the middle of the chaos and barely managed to survive. That night I made my way to the TIME office, dropped off the film and after the initial edit for a special issue of the magazine, I never looked at it again. My heart had been broken. I had lived through numerous situations that had been equally, if not more dangerous. I had witnessed many tragic events, which had also broken my heart. But what happened in my own city, so suddenly, was a catastrophe of such aggressive force, monumental scale and devastating consequence it was difficult to comprehend what I had just seen with my own eyes, and I understood the world I had known was changed forever.  


L’entretien. Prix Bayeux : James Nachtwey débarque en Normandie

The first bit of advice I would give to someone who aspires to cover wars is not to do it. Are you really sure you know what you’re getting into? Have you thought deeply about the potential consequences for yourself and for your family? Why don’t you find something else to do that would make a difference but not subject yourself to danger and hardship. 


James Nachtwey and 9/11 seen in 2001 and in 2011

Maybe what we are seeing here is not just some digital post-processing completely out of control, but also the result of seeing almost each and every event on the big screen, re-imagined in some Hollywood form: Our thought of “It almost did not look real” is turned into a reality: It literally does not look real any longer.