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Jean-François Leroy If only I were dreaming – The Eye of Photography

One news magazine publishing Arab Spring reports has been paying 58 eurocents a photo. How much is it for a photo of the Berlin Wall coming down? Just 88 euro cents. And so it goes on. The photographer is furious! Who wouldn’t be? “My photos aren’t even worth the price of a condom!”


Visa pour l’Image: Jean-François Leroy on social media, the future of photojournalism and the need for greater cooperation (2/2)

"Unfortunately, we are in a business where there is no joint effort; it's every man for himself," says Jean-François Leroy in an interview with Lucas Menget and Olivier Laurent, addressing the future of photojournalism and the role of social media


Visa pour l’Image: Jean-François Leroy on the festival’s editorial line and the cost of covering war (1/2)

Ahead of the festival's 25th anniversary, Visa pour l'Image's director Jean-François Leroy speaks with Lucas Menget and Olivier Laurent about his editorial line, which has, at times, been criticised; and addresses the cost of covering conflicts


Perpignan Visa pour l'Image 2011

« Yes, the year was full of news : Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, the Sudan, Syria, Bahrein, Iraq, Afghanistan, without forgetting the dramatic catastrophe of Japan, the world became even smaller than what we were used to » writes Jean-François Leroy in his traditional editorial. « Some say that Perpignan, it’s a bit like a family reunion… This year, the family of photographers was terribly affected. »


Storm In A Duck Pond As Leroy Tries To Claim Morel High Ground In AFP Haiti Hijack » The Russian Photos Blog

But Morel didn’t post any pictures on Twitter. Nobody ever has, because – as most 10-year-olds could explain to the NPPA – Twitter is a text message system: it can’t host pictures. Morel’s pictures were posted to Twitpic, an entirely separate legal entity from Twitter, with entirely different terms and conditions; therefore it is the Twitpic terms that are applicable in the Morel case. That’s the kind of very basic legal point one might expect a lawyer to notice.


AFP v. Morel: The debate rages on – British Journal of Photography

Jean-François Leroy has been forced to weigh in, one more time, on the legal case pitting Agence France Presse against Daniel Morel, after he refused to support the freelance photographer