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Jerome Delay’s images of looted Muslim-owned stores in Bangui, the country’s capital, provide an unsettlingly quiet look at the results of the ongoing conflict. The photographs show stores on the avenue leading to the PK5 neighborhood of the city — all of which have been looted over the past two days.

Illuminating a Central African Crisis, Photo by Photo

When mostly Christian militias loyal to the ousted president launched an attack on the Central African Republic’s capital, Bangui, on the morning of Dec. 5, the Associated Press photographer Jerome Delay was in his hotel. Cut off from his driver because of the fighting, Mr. Delay walked and caught rides from pro-government forces instead.

The Lens Is Standard, the Photos Anything But

Seeking simplicity as he documents almost unimaginable suffering in Africa, Jerome Delay has relied on a single camera and standard lens for much of the past year.

Jerome Delay has been on a quest for simplicity while covering some of the most important stories in Africa for The Associated Press. For the last year he has relied almost exclusively on one camera, and one lens, a 50-millimeter F1.4.

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everything was designed from the start to make access virtually impossible. To get to Sevare, I had to bypass five Malian checkpoints, whose instructions were to turn back any and every journalist on the road. Thanks to Land Cruisers and GPS, we managed bypass them each time

NPPA: Best of Photojournalism 2009 – International News Picture Story, HM

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Jerome Delay/Associated Press-
Fighting between rebels and the government has left tens of thousands of refugees desperate for international aid in Congo.

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