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This week on #LightBoxFF, TIME speaks with French artist JR (@jr), popular for his large-scale, black-and-white portraits of people which he’s been pasting on walls around the world for the past decade

Juxtapoz Magazine - JR brings Inside Out to Paris

JR has become one of the world's most recognized artists, turning his projects into citywide events, and even better, participating with the local...

 JR has become one of the world's most recognized artists, turning his projects into citywide events, and even better, participating with the local population to make each Inside Out stop unique. JR and his team brought the Inside Out truck to Paris, having it stationed at the Palais de Tokyo from November 6—8, and then this past week, November 10—12 on the forecourt of the MK2 Bibliothèque.

JR – Conversation

Conversation with JR   David Alan Harvey: The reason I am interested in you is because you’re a pop star, yet you do good things for people. You have brought art to the streets for everyone to…

I don’t think I’m a street artist anymore or photographer. I think I use those tools everyday. I love the artist title because you can do anything. I don’t have a direct goal or direct mission, except that if I fail tomorrow I want to fail inside my field. I don’t want to sell out basically. So I put those codes in since the beginning and I always did every one of my projects inside those codes that I fixed to myself, and I just wish that in the future, if I stop or if I fail that will be the best thing for me to have stayed true.

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This is a set of posts about inspirations and influences. I know you may have landed here following a search about camera equipment, but to quote Peter Adams, “A camera didn’t make a great picture anymore than a typewriter wrote a great novel.” Photography is about seeing and making any camera of any sort work for you. This post should cite many examples of that.

Two days with JR by Jonas Cuénin

At 4pm, JR is nowhere to be seen. Behind the blue wooded barricade, a dozen people covered in glue are devoted to covering a large wall in with eyes staring in black and white. More then 30 minutes more will tick by in order to see suddenly the face of the elusive artist, up there, on the roof of the building in front of us, waving like a kid

Eyes on, and of, a South Bronx Community

The Parisian street artist JR, known for colossal photo installations, has helped put one in a South Bronx community.

The images are part of a project devised by Hunts Point community organizations with the assistance of the 28-year-old French street artist known only as JR.

Supercolossal Street Art

For the street artist known only as JR, the world is a canvas.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the poster was a label, too sophisticated to be a graffiti artist’s tag but something along those lines: a Japanese-like calligraphic symbol concocted from the letters “J” and “R” above a Web address. Suddenly, amid all the fear and long-bred loathing, questions were being asked about this strange work of art. How did it come to be there? Who was, as one newspaper asked, “this kamikaze image-maker,” JR?

Trailer For JR's Women Are Heroes

TWENTY-FIVE years ago, Joao Silva was a troubled high school dropout on the streets of Johannesburg. His future looked bleak until the day a friend took him along on a photo shoot. Joao fell in love with the camera.

Wooster Collective: Fresh Stuff From JR in Shanghai

In a move that is likely to impact photographers, Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that he will ask his government to review the country's copyright law to allow for the "greater use of copyright material without the owner's permission"

Award to Artist Who Gives Slums a Human Face

The TED prize for 2011 will go to J R, who plasters colossal photos in downtrodden neighborhoods around the world.

the TED conference, the California lecture series named for its roots in technology, entertainment and design, said on Tuesday that it planned to give its annual $100,000 prize for 2011 — awarded in the past to figures like Bill Clinton, Bono and the biologist E. O. Wilson — to the Parisian street artist known as J R, a shadowy figure who has made a name for himself by plastering colossal photographs in downtrodden neighborhoods around the world. The images usually extol local residents, to whom he has become a Robin Hood-like hero.

The street art of JR

Parisian guerilla photographer JR aims to put a human face to the most impoverished areas of the world

From the slums of Kenya to the Paris banlieues, the guerilla photographer JR aims to put a human face to the most impoverished areas of the world. Just don't ask him who he is