‘I felt like the pandemic was being censored.’ Photographing the fight for life – and grief of death – in COVID-19 Britain

This photojournalist documented two little-seen front lines in the UK's war against coronavirus. Her images reveal intensive care of every kind – amidst a...

I wasn’t allowed in until it was very quiet. Most of the wards had emptied out. And the irony was, every single hospital I went in to, from end of May, the first question the medical staff asked was ‘where were you at the height of the pandemic? Why weren’t you here mid-April?’ They wanted the press to cover what was going on and what they were going through, how inundated they were. But very few people were granted access.

How I Became a Photojournalist: Lynsey Addario on Life on the Road

We sit down with the award-winning photographer to chat about learning to say no and living with an unpredictable schedule.

It's a new year, which means more episodes of Women Who Travel are coming your way. In 2020, we're kicking things off with a new monthly series called "How I Became...," where we'll sit down with master travelers who spend most of their lives on the road doing things those of us at our desks on a daily basis never thought possible. First up? Women Who Travel advisory board member, award-winning photojournalist, and author Lynsey Addario. We chat with her about picking up her first camera, taking less than stellar shots on her tour of South America in her early twenties, and spending her decades-long career photographing women. Delving deeper, we talk about how travel can heal the trauma of photographing war, death, and more—and how it takes years to learn to say "no" to risk.

Perspective | Five powerful stories from this year’s Visa Pour L’Image: International Festival of Photojournalism

Five photographers exhibit five stories in this year's annual event.

There are 25 exhibits this year. In Sight is taking a look at five notable exhibitions from photographers Lynsey Addario, Adriana Loureiro Fernandez, Kirsten Luce, Laura Morton and Kasia Strek.

Find time for ‘Finding Home’

In 2016, TIME began telling the story of newborn baby Heln and her family, who are Syrian refugees seeking asylum in Europe. Heln’s mother…

In this powerful interactive, Taimaa tells of the frustrations of waiting for asylum, the quiet moments of new motherhood, and the lonely struggle to fit in in a new land, through a series of text messages with TIME video journalist Francesca Trianni. The intimate and immersive page features photographs by Lynsey Addario and reporting by TIME’s Aryn Baker.
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TIME Rape Victim Cover Photo Slammed as 'Exploitative'

TIME's latest international issue features a portrait of a rape victim of the civil war in South Sudan. The magazine's choice of photo is sparking an

Photographed by renowned war photographer Lynsey Addario, who was herself a victim of wartime sexual assault after being captured by the Libyan Army in 2011, the portrait shows a Sudanese woman named Ayak who was repeatedly raped by soldiers during her country’s conflict

Unforeseen Consequences

Writing about photography, and in particular writing in detail about individual photographs, it’s sometimes easy to feel that you might be over reading an image, and perhaps reading things into it …

discussing an online backlash directed against a cover for Time Magazine photographed by Lynsey Addario

Getty Images at Visa pour l’Image 2015 – The Eye of Photography

Five international photographers from Getty Images are currently exhibited in part of Festival Visa pour l'image until to September 13th 2015 : Lynsey Addario (Syrian Refugees in the Middle East), Daniel Berehulak (The Ebola Epidemic for The New York Times), Alejandro Cegarra (Living with the Legacy of Hugo Chavez), Edouard Elias (The French Foreign Legion in the Central African Republic) and Omar Havana (Earthquake in Nepal).