Homeless Veterans Surviving Rape and Indifference

Mary Calvert has made it her mission to document the traumas encountered by female veterans, a group that is the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population.

Mary Calvert has deep ties to the military: Her grandfather was John F. Kennedy’s commander during his famed service on PT-109, and her parents met in the Army during the Korean War. For the last 19 years, Ms. Calvert has taught a workshop for military photographers at Fort Meade.

Mary F. Calvert: The War Within — zPhotoJournal

We used to call this type of work “women’s Issues.” I prefer to think of them as our issues. You cannot marginalize half the world’s population without it being a problem for all of us. The only difference between “us” and “them” is that they were born there and we were born here. I became a photojournalist so I could tell the stories of those with no voice and to provide a mirror for society to examine itself. Everyone should know what is going on in his or her world and it is my job to make them care.

Mary F. Calvert Wins $25,000 Women's Initiative Grant | PDNPulse

Photographer Mary F. Calvert has won the Alexia Foundation’s 2014 Women’s Initiative Grant to fund her project called “Missing in Action: Homeless Female Veterans,” the foundation announced this morning. Calvert was a finalist for the $25,000 grant last y

Andrei Stenin, 33, a photographer with the Russian state agency RIA Novosti