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If you’re a freelance photographer, running a successful small business is crucial. Just ask Melissa Lyttle, photojournalist and freelance photographer.  As the former president of NPPA and a full-time freelancer since 2014, Melissa has made it her missio

Hear about Melissa’s multiple income streams, stories of how one opportunity led to a big break and get insights into how you can avoid common photo business mistakes.


APhotoADay is different things to different people. It started off as an email listserv and a website. It was a home for work you shot for you — not them. It was a place to get constructive criticism. A place to seek inspiration. A like-minded group of people dedicated to the advancement of photojournalism. People who wanted to raise the bar for everyone. It became a community. A family.

Know your NPPA President – Q&A with Melissa Lyttle | The Visual Student

On the Board of Directors, we talk a lot about the value of a membership, and I want people to know that their hard-earned money is being put to good use. Other than that, I’m excited with the direction our technology committee is going, helping to revive the clips contest, and bringing the magazine into the digital realm by making it more shareable and realizing the potential to use more video and photography online in our stories. I plan on continuing to encourage that.

Melissa Lyttle Elected NPPA President

Independent photojournalist Melissa Lyttle from St. Petersburg, FL, today was elected president of the National Press Photographers Association during the organization's two-day board of directors meeting at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Commun

Getty Images and Visual China Group partner to take over Corbis' assets

Melissa Lyttle: My Florida - Photo & Beer Night - The Photo Brigade

Freelance photographer and NPPA Vice President Melissa Lyttle shared her collection of photos from her home state titled “My Florida” at a special invite-only “Photos and Beer Night” at PhotoShelter HQ in New York.

Freelance photographer and NPPA Vice President Melissa Lyttle shared her collection of photos from her home state titled “My Florida” at a special invite-only “Photos and Beer Night” at PhotoShelter HQ in New York.

Melissa Lyttle reflects on judging POYi | dvafoto

Recently on tumblr, Melissa Lyttle reflected on her experience as a judge for this year’s POYi contest news division. She writes about the overall experience of judging the contest and gives more fine-grained observations about specific categories and trends in submissions. It’s well worth a read.

NPPA Names Annual Honor And Recognition Award Winners

The National Press Photographers Association’s annual Honors & Recognitions were announced today by NPPA past president Michael Borland, chairman of the Honors & Recognitions Committee. Julie Jones is the recipient of the Joseph Costa Award, Melissa Lyttl

Julie Jones is the recipient of the Joseph Costa Award, Melissa Lyttle is the winner of the Clifton C. Edom Award, Mickey H. Osterreicher is this year’s winner of the Alicia Calzada First Amendment Award, and John S. Hyjek is the Jim Gordon Editor of the Year. And Michael Laughlin and Mark Wetzel will be presented with NPPA’s Humanitarian Award.  NPPA’s highest annual honor, the Joseph A. Sprague Memorial Award, was announced in January during a memorial service for Washington Post staff photojournalist Michel du Cille, 58, who collapsed and died December 11 in rural Liberia while covering the Ebola crisis


I recently spoke with Dolly Faibyshev about the ongoing project “I Love New York,” in which Faibyshev, a second-generation Russian immigrant, photographs herself in the role of a tourist, hopping on and off sightseeing buses and visiting landmarks. “Being a stranger in a new city, you sort of get to disappear,

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Trisomy 18, the doctor said, is “incompatible with life.” The baby would likely die before birth. If she did live, odds were a coin toss that she would die in the first weeks and less than 1 in 10 she would live a year. She would not cry or smile, the doctor told them. She would never walk or talk.

Sequel to Pulitzer Prize-winning ‘girl in the window’ story shows challenges of crafting a followup

Melissa Lyttle: It’s the one that was our lead photo the first time around, where [Bernie Lierow is] hugging her and she’s just kind of dangling, lifeless and limp, and not hugging back. And that scene happened again … I made this picture in the living room this time where he was hugging her. It’s very clear: She’s holding his head. She’s kind of playfully biting his nose and kissing him back. … It’s the same down to the fact of lensing and composition and moment.

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Somewhere in the virtual world, I came across The Point, a new Blurb book that is the collaborative effort of Kirk Crippens and Michael Jang. I'm a big fan of both photographers, and I love the idea of working apart and together to create a significant project.

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Dear Newspaper Photographer, If you think it’s all doom and gloom, it’s not. I say that to remind you that you, scratch that… that we, still have the best job around. We get paid to take pictures for a living. We work for newspapers that people read, that are incredibly relevant to their lives, that reflect the good and point out the bad. We get the chance to cover our communities. And we know them better than anyone.