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Michael Christopher Brown, Artist’s Book Infinity Award – The Eye of Photography

The project for which he receives the ICP Infinity Award—Libyan Sugar (2016)— explores ethical distance and the iconography of warfare while using a phone camera. A book on the series was released in 2016 by Twin Palms Publishers; a lm and a mixed media installation will complete the project


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Musings: Michael Christopher Brown in Congo

While working on a project that was a mammoth photo editing task—our Congo story, published on our News site—I came across Michael Christopher Browns’s ironically lovely images from the Congo, taken between 2012 and 2013. The original news story is an 11,000 word piece that dives deep into Congo’s conflicted and violent history, and its strained yet hopeful relationship with the United Nations peacekeeping mission.


emphas.is: Michael Christopher Brown – The Libyan Republic

There now is a new pitch up on emphas.is by Michael Christopher Brown, entitled The Libyan Republic - if you want to support a photojournalist specifically working in the country, which still torn by war, check it out