An Open Letter to Olivia Arthur. President of Magnum Photos. — duckrabbit

Dear Olivia, I’m writing to you following the statement that you made after the Magnum Photos archive was taken offline...

I’m writing to you following the statement that you made after the Magnum Photos archive was taken offline as a result of allegations that Magnum have been selling indecent images of children. First reported by Andy Day on August 6th and followed up here and here.

Turning Points: Life-Changing Moments by Magnum Photographers - Photographs and texts courtesy of Magnum Photos | LensCulture

From iconic images of major world events, to intimate moments of pleasure and delight — here is an outstanding selection of remarkable images from Magnum Photos — each with a personal story

The third edition of Eyes on Main Street – The Eye of Photography

Focusing on the theme of “Main Street: a Crossroad of Cultures,” the exhibition, curated by Jerome De Perlinghi and co-curated by Catherine Coulter Lloyd and Régina Monfort, features the work of 100 photographers from 31 countries with an equal number of men and women. Among the artists included in this years’ edition are: the late Marc Riboud, Olivia Arthur, Linda Bournane-Engelberth, Omar Havana, James Nachtwey, Martin Parr, Eugene Richards, Gaia Squarci and Jo Ann Walters.

‘We Clean History’: Thoughts on Another Crimea

I recently reread Phillip Knightley’s The First Casualty, a commanding account of the role of war correspondents from the 1854 Crimean War through until the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. The book brillian…

Another Crimea brings together six photographers from the prominent photographic agencies Noor, VII and Magnum. The photographers (Christopher Morris, Francesco Zizola, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Olivia Arthur, Pep Bonet and Yuri Kozyrev) each produced a documentary photo series, or in one case a film, in the region over ten days in summer 2014

Magnum Photos Blog

This new project by Olivia Arthur takes as its starting point a shipwreck that happened in 1961 and traces the footsteps of a fictional survivor through the modern city.

Jeddah Diary, by Olivia Arthur

Following its 66th AGM earlier this week, Magnum Photo Agency announced that Olivia Arthur and Peter van Agtmael are its newest members. Good choices. Peter’s a nice guy and was kind enough t…

Jeddah Diary is one of the standout photography projects of recent years. Now is a good time to feature some images and publicly applaud Arthur’s tenaciously delicate observations of Saudi women.

A short conversation with the new Magnum nominees Olivia Arthur and Peter van Agtmael – the photo blog of Magnum Photos

A week ago, during the 61st Annual General Meeting of Magnum, two new nominees were welcomed into the circle of Magnum Photographers. Once a year, the photographers from Magnum travel to Paris, London or New York for their Annual General Meeting (AGM). The 2008 AGM took place at the end of June in Paris. One day of the AGM is reserved to look at submitted portfolios and to decide upon new nominees, associates and members.

English photographer Olivia Arthur (28) and American-Dutch photographer Peter van Agtmael (27) are the new nominees for 2008.

Check it out here.