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  • Paul Fusco, photographer of crowds watching RFK’s funeral train, dies at 89 – The Washington Post

    Paul Fusco, who traveled the world as a photojournalist but whose most indelible images, portraying a nation in mourning, were captured on a single day in 1968 as he rode aboard Robert F. Kennedy’s funeral train from New York to Washington, died July 15 at an assisted-living facility in San Anselmo, Calif. He was 89.
  • Remembering Paul Fusco’s Legendary RFK Funeral Train – Aperture Foundation NY

    Remembering Paul Fusco’s Legendary RFK Funeral Train
    Fusco’s photographs remain an incomparable document of gestures of public grief, capturing a moment of cultural shift unlike almost any other.
  • In Memoriam : Paul Fusco (1930-2020)

    It is with immense sadness that we announce the passing of our great colleague and friend Paul Fusco. Paul has been a member of the Magnum community since 1973 and will be remembered by his colleagues for his incredible kindness, and the deep sensitivity and humanity that he brought to his photography. Empathizing with his subjects, and photographing them with much respect, Paul covered stories ranging from police brutality in New York to the long-term effects of the Chernobyl disaster and people living with AIDS in California. In 1968 he photographed the spectators lined along the route of Bobby Kennedy’s funeral train from New York to Washington, capturing the emotion of the nation and becoming one of the most celebrated series of photographs of the time.
  • Turning Points: Life-Changing Moments by Magnum Photographers – Photographs and texts courtesy of Magnum Photos | LensCulture

    From iconic images of major world events, to intimate moments of pleasure and delight — here is an outstanding selection of remarkable images from Magnum Photos — each with a personal story.
  • Extraordinary New Book Unveils the Untold Stories of the World’s Greatest Photojournalists – Feature Shoot

    Extraordinary New Book Unveils the Untold Stories of the World’s Greatest Photojournalists

    As suggested by Italian journalist Mario Calabresi in his extraordinary book Eyes Wide Open, however, the best storytellers are those who allow themselves to be submerged within often painful events, to forgo absolute objectivity in favor of something rarer: a precarious marriage of impartiality and intimate involvement. In interviews with ten photographers who have not only documented but in many ways shaped the course of history—Steve McCurry, Josef Koudelka, Don McCullin, Elliott Erwitt, Paul Fusco, Alex Webb, Gabriele Basilico, Abbas, Paolo Pellegrin, and Sebastiao Salgado

  • R.F.K., R.I.P., Revisited

    01rfk-600 1.jpg

    In Paul Fusco’s photographs (here and at the gallery) of the people along the tracks, as the Kennedy funeral train passes, it is not only the faces and the clothes that catch the eye, it is the hands.

    Check it out here.