South Africa, Still the Beloved Country

Like hundreds of foreign journalists, Per-Anders Pettersson came to South Africa in 1994. Then, Kerri MacDonald writes, he stayed.

Like hundreds of other foreign journalists, Per-Anders Pettersson traveled to South Africa in 1994 to photograph the country’s general election. Unlike the others, he came back to stay.

Canon Professional Network

There are profiles of six photographers on Canon Europe’s professional website. Most interesting to me was the profile of Swedish photojournalist Per-Anders Pettersson, who has been doing fascinating work from the Congo (that’s his photograph above), where millions of people have died in conflict since 1997 with almost no international attention. You can read Pettersson’s profile and see his photos (and a video) at this link.

The other photographers profiled are: Kai Pfaffenbach, Martin Eisenhawer, Bill Frakes, and Alessandra Meniconzi.

Canon Professional Network