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2012 Summer Olympics – A collection of remembrances

Of this whole cool scene, my favorite moment was when we were all taking cellphone pictures at the same time of the divers entering the water. I was thinking - "I'm taking cellphone pictures with Kluetmeier and Burnett, how cool is that!"


Peter Read Miller shares his Canon EOS-1D Mark IV secrets

Miller is a pretty low-tech guy when it comes to using a new camera like the Mark IV, but he has tried many different settings with his new cameras to come up with a system that works well for him. "A number of people have asked me what custom functions I am using. The settings presented here (see below) have worked very well for me shooting football. Of course everyone’s shooting style is different, but at least you can give these a try as a starting point," said Miller.


Sports Shooter Newsletter Decade Collection

As this decade ends, I wanted to commemorate its passing by collecting images from these special people that have helped me over the years. I asked them to select an image of theirs that is historic, unique, revealing or memorable. Most of all, I wanted the image to be something personal … an image special to them.