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When Ralph Gibson’s first major work “The Somnambulist” was published in 1970, it marked a monumental moment in the evolution of photography. At a time when the medium was essentially defined by its ability to document reality in the form of photojournalism, Gibson was one of the first exponents of a new approach. Inspired by artists, writers and musicians of the day, “The Somnambulist” represented a seismic shift in the visual language of photography.


Ralph Gibson and his Unique Relationship with the Leica

Ralph Gibson has achieved worldwide acclaim as a photographer for more than four decades. His bold, graphic style is instantly recognizable. As a consequence, photographers and educators look to him for inspiration. A champion of individual expression, Gibson urges photographers to develop a personal style by following their own instincts.


photo-eye Bookstore | Ralph Gibson: Nude


photo-eye Bookstore | Ralph Gibson: Nude | photobooks:

A decade after his first TASCHEN book, Deus ex machina, master photographer Ralph Gibson returns with an exquisite collection of nudes, combining the best of his recent work with an in-depth interview by Eric Fischl. Strikingly graphic, meticulously composed, and loaded with subtle provocations, Gibson’s mysterious, dreamlike images pay homage to greats such as Man Ray and Edward Weston, while continually pursuing new frontiers.

The Bespoke Leica

From The Online Photographer:

For his limited-edition Leica, Ralph Gibson chose the MP, but with the angled rewind crank; 35, 50, and 90mm framelines, each visible singly in the finder; matte black finish to be “less conspicuous” but then some notably conspicuous red leather; and he eliminated the preview lever. (And note the absence of the ever-controversial red dot.) It’s pleasing that for the $5,500 it costs (which doesn’t cover the 50mm Apo-ASPH. lens he favors) it does include the braided leather lanyard camera strap of the type Ralph has always used.