Changsha, by Rian Dundon

One photographer in his mid-twenties, mostly in small and far-removed Chinese cities

“At first, when I didn’t speak the language, I would hang out in pool halls and practice counting balls in Chinese. I couldn’t hold a conversation but I knew how to play and I knew how to smoke cigarettes. Later my Mandarin came and I could go to dinner with people or hit the karaoke clubs. Mr. Tian was a whiskey wholesaler and one of our first friends. His brother owned The Red East — a popular nightclub and karaoke house in Jishou where I got my first taste of provincial nightlife.

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the talented group of photographers that comprise this issue: James Whitlow Delano, Markel Redondo, Katharina Hesse, Ryan Pyle, Xiqi Yuang, Wayne Liu, Carolyn Drake, Rian Dundon, Tim Franco, Eric Guo, Christian Als and Holly Wilmeth, M. Scott Brauer