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Rob Hornstra denied Russian visa; Moscow exhibition of The Sochi Project cancelled

You can't eat 'reach' and we can't pay salaries with 'brand awareness'. I don't pretend to know other people's business models or strategies. But successful business practices are always about having a close understanding of the costs of what you produce and the origins and mechanics of your revenues and more than anything else the interaction between the two.


Rob Hornstra on Vice TV

Rob Hornstra, who we’ve featured a number of times, had a film crew from Vice TV follow him around in his home in Utrect, Netherlands and in Sochi, Russia while working on “The Sochi Project”, an epic 5-year project he is working on with writer Arnold van Bruggen


Rob Hornstra Finds Success Publishing Photo Books – The Photoletariat

The Dutch photographers shared a similar analog ethos as well as an enthusiasm for doing work that is extremely personal to them, and important for the public to appreciate.  But most important about the Dutch photographers was their DIY sensibility that told photographers not to wait for editors and publishers to find their work but to go out there and make it themselves.


PDNPulse: Former VII Director Signs Prominent Photogs to New Management Company

The artists Institute represents are Jodi Bieber, Rena Effendi, Lauren Greenfield, Rob Hornstra, Nadav Kander, Gillian Laub, James Longley, Gerd Ludwig, Joshua Lutz, Amanda Micheli, Richard Mosse, Zed Nelson, Jehad Nga, Simon Norfolk, James Pomerantz and Paul Shambroom.