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  • USA Today Photographer to Receive NPPA Award

    Link: USA Today Photographer to Receive NPPA Award – Rafu Shimpo “This recognition by the NPPA is humbling and is also a tribute to my family, USA Today and all of the people that helped me over the years develop this idea of an online community of photojournalists,” Hanashiro told The Rafu Shimpo. “At the […]

  • Cool Gear – SportsShooter

    Robert Hanashiro: I’m a “gear head” and I admit it. So here is a list of some cool/fun/interesting/ and even necessary toys I’ve used in the past year. If there is a bit of a pattern here, it’s indicative of my move toward using speedlights more and more. Link: COOL GEAR

  • Sports Shooter Newsletter Decade Collection

    Photo By Matt Mendelsohn CLICK NOTE: Of anything I’ve posted all week, these are fascinating looks into the experiences behind photographs by great photographers. You’ll all fixate on different photographers, but each of these is worth taking a minute of your day for. And they’re not all sports, by the way. As this decade ends, […]

  • Sports Shooter Kahuna's Blog

    Sports Shooter Kahuna’s Blog: Robert Hanashiro is the founder of Sport Shooter, which started 12 years ago as a simple email newsletter sent to about a dozen of his friends and colleagues. It has now grown into a monthly circulation of over 7,500 and has spawned the popular SportsShooter.com website and several educational workshops including […]

  • Behind the Lens with Robert Hanashiro – – PopPhotoJune 2008

    This month we focus on Robert “Bert” Hanashiro, 53, a staff photographer with USA Today since 1989. Known worldwide for his online sports photography community, SportsShooter.com, Hanashiro will join thousands of other journalists in Beijing this August for what will be his sixth Summer Olympics. In anticipation of the 2008 Olympic games, Hanashiro talked with […]

  • Leading Off: The February Death March, The Dance and Teamwork

    Robert Hanashiro: February 2008 began with the Super Bowl, then slide into the heart of Awards Season: The Grammys and the Academy Awards and then tossed on top of that, a trip to Louisiana for the annual NBA All Star Weekend. Check it out here.

  • Leading Off: It was cold!

    : How cold was it? Cold enough to pop both of the lenses out of my glasses. Cold enough to freeze my breath on the camera viewfinder. Cold enough to wear not one, but two sets of long underwear. (Expedition weight no less!) Cold enough for Peter Miller to go through a whole box of […]

  • Nervous, sweating and dark. Backstage at the Oscars

    USA Today photographer Robert Hanashiro, from SportsShooter.com: “Remember to stay out of the way of the crew and for GOD’S SAKE, stay out of sight! If the producer or director sees your ass on one of the monitors everyone’s outta here,” a voice from a show rep says into his ear. “But do your work […]

  • The Web This Morning

    Punk – Anti-Flag releases third song from their upcoming major label album, “For Blood and Empire” (I’ve heard the album, it ain’t bad. Listen to the song The Press Corpse to hear Anti-Flag at their best.) Punk – FatWreckChords new podcast Photography – Getty Images editorial photography grants to Andrew Testa and Kristen Ashburn (portfolios) […]