Announcing the Winning Artists of the Creator Labs Photo Fund

Meet the twenty winning artists recognized by Aperture and Google’s Creator Labs for their exceptional photographic visions.

This summer, Aperture and Google’s Creator Labs teamed up to launch a new initiative, the Creator Labs Photo Fund, aimed at providing financial support to photographers in the wake of COVID-19. Selected by Aperture’s editors, the twenty winning artists are recognized for their exceptional vision as well as the strength and originality of their portfolios, and will be awarded a prize of $5,000 each to sustain their work and practice.

Shawn Bush: 2017 LENSCRATCH Student Prize 1st Place Winner:

Marking our fifth year running the Lenscratch Student Prize, myself, Aline Smithson, and Sarah Stankey continue to be excited about the quality of work flooding in from all different sectors of educational institutions, both nationally and internationally

He most recent artist book A Golden State has been included in the Candella Gallery permanent collection, Fleet Library Special Collections and will be released as a trade edition in 2018.