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Another photographer fights and wins against Shepard Fairey

photographer Dina Douglas has come forward with some details regarding her dispute, and eventual settlement, with Shepard Fairey over Fairey’s usage of her image of a cancer survivor


Shepard Fairey and the democracy of images | Culture Monster | Los Angeles Times


As soon as I snapped the photo above, a guard rushed over to admonish me that photography is not allowed in the show. “I’m not using a flash,” I replied. “Is that OK?” Nope, came the reply. “Must I obey?” I asked. “Yes,” she answered, missing or — more likely — ignoring my too-cute-by-half reference to Fairey’s trademark street-and-clothing campaign about authoritarian imagery, dubbed “Obey Giant.”

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As underground art phenomenon SHEPARD FAIREY’s first major museum retrospective prepares to open at the INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART/BOSTON on February 6th, we feel the need to address some of the vicious and unfounded rumors surrounding the originality of Shepard’s artwork that have been floated online in recent years. Though written by a variety of different detractors for a questionable array of reasons, the common thread binding them all—aside from a thinly masked veneer of obvious envy in most cases—is a nearly ubiquitous lack of understanding of the artist’s use of appropriated imagery in his work and the longstanding historical precedent for this mode of creative expression.

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The Street Artist Shepard Fairey Moves Closer to the Mainstream but Is Still Rebellious – NYTimes.com

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The code word was “chill.” That’s what the crew with Shepard Fairey, the cult graphic artist known for his screen prints and stickers of the wrestler Andre the Giant, had been instructed to say if a police car rolled by as Mr. Fairey was wheat-pasting one recent night here, illegally tagging warehouse walls and empty billboards with his black-and-white images. Then Mr. Fairey and his helpers would know to make a run for it, to avoid yet another arrest.

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