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Sol Neelman: Weird Sports — zPhotoJournal

I used to use a 400mm f2.8 lens for covering college football, in large part because we were stuck on the sidelines. My #1 lens for shooting Weird Sports is my Canon 35mm f1.4, in part because I'm not battling a sports information director for access. There are times like with Drag Queen Prom Dress Rugby that I was actually on the pitch taking photos with players flying around me.


Das Book: The Making Of Weird Sports

This past year, for me, has been the year of the book. The year I achieved a dream. The year I gave birth. The year I became a father. I’ve been a little hesitant to write about my book. Maybe because it still doesn’t seem real. But I’m slowly coming to terms with reality, that it is in fact real. Very real. Another reason I’ve put off this entry is because of how truly personal this book is to me. Not sure if I can express it in words.