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  • Still Lives – The New York Times

    In this unnatural state of isolation, photographers show us the things that bind.
  • Puerto Rico’s Long Journey Out of Darkness – The New York Times

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    Puerto Rico’s Long Journey Out of Darkness – The New York Times

    Todd Heisler, a New York Times staff photographer, discusses how people are surviving as the island waits for its electrical grid to be rebuilt.

  • When Violence Hits Home in Chicago – The New York Times

    When Violence Hits Home in Chicago

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    Last Memorial Day weekend, a team of New York Times photographers and reporters fanned out through Chicago to document how that city’s violence had affected people and neighborhoods. New York Times staff photographer Todd Heisler describes how he and his colleagues sought to portray the story in new ways.

  • Photographing Marine Veterans on the Home Front – The New York Times

    Photographing Marine Veterans on the Home Front

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    Todd Heisler, a New York Times staff photographer, worked with the reporter Dave Philipps on a report about suicides in the Second Battalion, Seventh Marine Regiment. In 2008, the 2/7 deployed to a wild swath of Helmand Province in Afghanistan and suffered more casualties than any other Marine battalion that year. Below, Mr. Heisler recounts his experiences during the reporting of the article.

  • Why You’ve Gotta Love Heisler’s Photo of Trump’s Announcement — BagNews

    Why You’ve Gotta Love Heisler’s Photo of Trump’s Announcement

    If the GOP has set a particularly low bar this presidential cycle, my early sense of the photojournalism is the opposite.

  • APAD blog

    Official Press Release Announcing APAD’s Continued Awesomeness

    This year’s auction will be held online through Paddle 8 and includes photographs contributed by Ed Kashi, Vince Musi, Melissa Farlow, Randy Olson, Damon Winter, Todd Heisler, Ami Vitale and many, many other accomplished photographers. The auction will begin on September 2, 2014 and will end on September 16.

  • Convention Storybook

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    Link: Convention Storybook – Multimedia Feature – NYTimes.com

    The New York Times has assembled a “Convention Storybook,” an online archive of the conventions. It is a look inside the two parties as they sought to articulate their platforms and positions as clearly as possible, without interference. The “Convention Storybook” presents photographs by Stephen Crowley, Josh Haner, Todd Heisler, Doug Mills, Damon Winter, Mike Appleton, Travis Dove, Edward Linsmier, Luke Sharrett, Robert Stolarik, Max Whitaker and Jim Wilson. Michael Barbaro provided audio and it was produced by Nick Corasaniti, Jacqueline Myint and Cornelius Schmid

  • Todd Heisler’s Photos of Dementia in a California Prison

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    Link: Lens

    There are constant reminders of the outside world at the California Men’s Colony. The prison, nestled in the seaside mountains outside of San Luis Obispo, is routinely enveloped by a thick fog that rolls in from the ocean at dawn. Seagulls and other birds fly overhead, stop occasionally to perch on the razor wire encircling the yard, and fly away at a whim. The birds are a reminder of the world outside, which many people in this prison will never again experience.

  • Chris Hondros in New York

    Africa and Asia were the settings of the photos for which Chris Hondros of Getty Images will be best remembered. But Brooklyn was his home, as his friend Todd Heisler recalls.

    Link: Todd Heisler Recalls Chris Hondros as a New York City Photographer – NYTimes.com
  • The Many Faces of Uganda's Elections: Todd Heisler Photographs Campaign Posters in Kampala – NYTimes.com

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    When Todd Heisler, a staff photographer for The Times, arrived in Kampala, Uganda, on Monday to cover the country’s elections, he didn’t have to look far to find the candidates. He was immediately struck by their smiling faces, plastered all over the city. As he shot political rallies on Tuesday and Wednesday, he kept an eye out for campaign posters.

    Link: The Many Faces of Uganda’s Elections: Todd Heisler Photographs Campaign Posters in Kampala – NYTimes.com
  • An Emmy Award for One in 8 Million – NYTimes.com


    The New York Times’ multimedia series One in 8 Million won an Emmy Award in the “new approaches to documentary” category on Monday night. The series is a collection of stories told with audio and photography that portray everyday New Yorkers. James Estrin talked with three of the series’ producers : the staff photographer Todd Heisler, the senior multimedia producer Sarah Kramer, and the photo editor Meghan Looram.

    Link: An Emmy Award for One in 8 Million – NYTimes.com
  • Visions of the Decade: Todd Heisler’s “Final Salute” (7 Photos) | PDN

    Heisler1 1.jpg

    Todd Heisler’s “Final Salute” was named by PDNOnline readers one of the most influential photo essays of the past ten years

    Link: Visions of the Decade: Todd Heisler’s “Final Salute” (7 Photos) | PDN Photo of the Day
  • Shoptalk: With Todd Heisler

    Shoptalk: With Todd Heisler – Lens Blog – NYTimes.com

    Todd Heisler received so many good questions in response to “Showcase: A Subtle Palette for Portraits,” and had so much to say in response that we felt the exchange merited a post of its own

  • Photographers’ Journal: Capturing History at the Conventions – The New York Times


    Phototgraphs of the political conventions by New York Times photographers Damon Winter, Todd Heisler, Ozier Muhammad and Stephen Crowley

    Check it out here. Via Laforet.

  • Todd Heisler To Join New York Times Staff

    PDN: Todd Heisler, a Rocky Mountain News photographer who won the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for feature photography for his “Final Salute” photo essay, will join the photo staff of The New York Times. Heisler, who starts in December, fills one of two staff photography openings at the Times. Recently, Ting Li Wang left to work in China and Paul Hosefros retired, according to New York Times assistant managing editor for photography Michele McNally. Here.
  • Photography Pulitzer Prize Winners

    From PDN: In a year when journalism from Hurricane Katrina dominated the Pulitzer Prizes, the staff of The Dallas Morning News won the 2006 Pulitzer for breaking news photography for coverage of the hurricane. It is the second time in three years The Dallas Morning News has claimed the breaking news photography prize. Todd Heisler of the (Denver) Rocky Mountain News won the feature photography Pulitzer Prize for the “Final Salute” project. It is Heisler’s second Pulitzer. In 2003, he was part of the Rocky Mountain News team that won the breaking news photography prize for coverage of wildfires. Here.
  • Final Salute Photo Gallery

    From The Digital Journalist: A single Marine might be able to fold a flag for the widow of a fallen brother. But it wouldn’t have the perfect feel the job demands.

    The same might be said of the story Final Salute by photographer Todd Heisler and reporter Jim Sheeler of the Rocky Mountain News. Of course, Todd’s photographs stand on their own. As do Jim’s words. Separately, they were recognized by the American Society of Newspaper Editors as the best examples of photojournalism and non-deadline writing in 2005. But together, these two talented journalists created something more complete and more powerful than either could have done alone.