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Why There Aren’t Any Photos of Hamas Fighters (and Why the NYT, Tyler Hicks and Photographers Have Been Unfairly Blamed) — BagNews

The gist of the argument is that Hicks and the other Western photographers could easily seek out and photograph Hamas fighters, and thus balance out the coverage, but they have been too bullied and intimidated to do so.


Tyler Hicks Photographs the Nairobi Mall Attack

He was interviewed by James Estrin of the New York Times’ Lens Blog about what he saw and they published a gallery of the terrific and harrowing photographs that Hicks took inside of the Westgate mall yesterday.


Tyler Hicks: A Decade in Afghanistan

There are places and times where the politics that drive wars fade and then fade more, becoming abstractions to the people who fight or who are in a fight’s way. And there are moments when politics entirely disappear, and more elemental actions and emotions replace them. These are the seams and the instants that Tyler Hicks has sought, and repeatedly found, in his decade photographing the latest Afghan war.


How Tyler Hicks Works In Afghanistan

While researching our latest guide "Starting a Photography Business," I had the chance to speak with Greg Smith, who helped develop the NPPA's Cost of Doing Business calculator while servicing on the Business Practices committee in 2003. He had a lot of tough advice for people starting out in the business, and some of what we talked about echoed John Harrington's advice about day rates.