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  • Vince Musi at Look3 – NYTimes.com

    Vince Musi at Look3 Everybody is always clamoring about how great they are, and the truth is that I can barely keep it together most of the time. And I’m proud of those mistakes. You can’t learn from mistakes if you don’t make any. And I should really be smart by now, because I’ve made…

  • Instants: Out of this World | PROOF

    Instants: Out of this World Photographer Vincent J. Musi is a good sport. While on the surface his career seems flawless and glamorous, Musi will be the first one to tell you about his flubs and missteps

  • APAD blog

    APAD blog

    Official Press Release Announcing APAD’s Continued Awesomeness What makes the APhotoADay listserv unique is community. Since 2001, I’ve watched people grow up on there. Find their voice. Come into their own. Some have grown from young college photographers into… via APAD blog: http://blog.aphotoaday.org/post/96485398135/official-press-release-announcing-apads-continued This year’s auction will be held online through Paddle 8 and includes photographs contributed by…

  • Q&A: Vince Musi and the World of Exotic Pets

    Q&A: Vince Musi and the World of Exotic Pets It all started with a haunted house. Or at least, a house former residents and neighbors said was haunted. When photographer Vince Musi purchased a home in 2004 on an island that once hosted Edgar Allen Poe, the residence came to life at night, but not…

  • Curators Look Ahead to LOOK3

    Curators Look Ahead to LOOK3

    LightBox | Time Read the latest stories about LightBox on Time via Time: http://lightbox.time.com/2012/06/05/curators-look-ahead-to-look3/#1 The very day after the 2011 LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph ended, this year’s guest curators—National Geographic photographer Vincent Musi and Washington Post visuals editor David Griffin—started to put together the slate of artists who will appear this coming weekend. The annual for-photographers-by-photographers event…

  • Vincent J. Musi | Raw Take

    I love the craft of creating. That something can affect so many people is a great feeling of accomplishment. It happens so quickly that we tend to take it for granted and it’s really very special. 40 million people will see these pictures in the Geographic, that’s terrifying. Check it out here.