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Digging Deeper Into Vivian Maier’s Past – The New York Times

Who was Vivian Maier? Ann Marks, who spent months researching the upbringing of the Chicago nanny who is now heralded as a master of street photography, still doesn’t have an answer. But Ms. Marks — who has no background in photography and started researching Maier only after seeing a documentary about her life — has learned a great deal about Maier’s family history


Who owns the copyright to Vivian Maier’s street photography?

Maier’s photographic legacy now is worth thousands, if not millions, of dollars, so the state and the stewards of the various Maier collections have a compelling interest to maintain and exercise their ownership of these materials. It will be interesting to see how this legal situation plays out over the coming years.


‘Finding Vivian Maier’: a Documentary Profiling the Reclusive Street Photographer

In 2011 Justin Maxon added the Cliff Edom “New America Award” to a fast growing list of accolades he started accumulating as a student at San Francisco State University. The photographs, made in Chester, Pennsylvania, a small city just south of Philadelphia along the Delaware River, were from an ongoing project exploring a community suffering from most all of what ails modern America.