A Global Journey With a Camera and a Motorcycle

After years of covering breaking news or serious social issues, Walter Astrada has embarked on a motorcycle trip to take pictures around the world.

Walter Astrada wanted to go on a motorcycle trip and take photographs around the world. He didn’t have much money. He didn’t have a motorcycle.

Violence Against Women: Walter Astrada's Global View of A Global Problem

A Getty Grant will enable Walter Astrada to complete his Global Photo essay on the effects of violence against women.

“It’s not a woman’s problem. It’s a societal problem” said Mr. Astrada. “If 50 percent of a country can be beaten, raped, killed or tortured, then it’s not a free country, it’s not a democracy, no matter how developed it is.”

walter astrada – rape, weapon of war in eastern congo

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In the eastern of The Democratic Republic of Congo, tens of thousands of women and young girls are being raped with impunity and extreme brutality by all sides in the conflict, civilians, militiamen, armed groups, foreign-armed groups and members of the Congolese Army.