Balaton, the Hungarian Sea - Photographs and text by Zsófia Pályi | LensCulture

Emerald waters and sapphire skies—a former oasis of the Eastern Bloc, Lake Balaton forms the setting for this series of vibrantly colorful portraits

During the 1960s and 70s, Lake Balaton, the biggest lake in Central Europe, was a major tourist destination for working-class Hungarians and people from the Eastern Bloc. It also served as a meeting point for Eastern and Western Germans, who were separated by the Berlin Wall until 1989, but could still travel and meet here.

Coup de Cœur ANI 2014 Zsofia Palyi – The Eye of Photography

Bathers stand in Lake Balaton, in moment of timelessness. At first glance, the scenery reminds us of a coastal resort with its endless horizon, but on closer examination, the characters reveal their real identity with their faces, clothes and accessories. The Eastern European flavour is tangible, although it is fading away day by day. Still, after its trick on the viewers' minds is exposed, Balaton remains only a lake, but, ironically, locals continue to call it the Hungarian Sea