Kevin Amato photographs residents of the Bronx in his book, The Importants.

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Kevin Amato makes photos for fashion campaigns, album covers, documentary series, editorial clients, and himself. But as they’re presented in his new book out from Phaidon this month, The Importants, without any way of distinguishing one type from another, it’s clear they’re all part of a singular aesthetic pursuit.

Looking at White Privilege Under Apartheid

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for the country’s white middle class — the group that thrived under apartheid — that existence was captured in David Goldblatt’s seminal 1982 book, “In Boksburg,” which is being republished this month by Steidl

Paula Bronstein’s Afghanistan Between Hope and Fear is a photojournalist’s 15-year study of Afghanistan.

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Bronstein returned many times after that initial assignment, often working on stories of her own volition that covered politics, health care, education, and women’s rights. One-hundred and fourteen of her images that speak to Afghanistan’s complex history and culture have now been published as a new book by University of Texas Press titled Afghanistan: Between Hope and Fear.

The strange beauty of vintage Mexican crime photos

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On a trip to Mexico in 2010, photographer Stefan Ruiz stumbled on a sizable amount of vintage Mexican crime photos. He was perusing Mexico City’s sprawling La Lagunilla thrift market when he came across them. Something grabbed his interest and hooked him. Over the next six months he met the seller of the images and made repeated trips to the market to buy more and more, eventually amassing a large collection, which he published as a book titled, “Mexican Crime Photographs From the Archive of Stefan Ruiz” (Gost, 2015)

Through Her Lens Darkly: Diane Arbus’s Life Was as Raw as Her Work

Arbus is possibly the closest thing America has to Kafka, a profound ironist who simply did not see the world in conventional terms and was — when you strip away the nice-making, the wheedling for money or support and the expressions of garden- variety depression — incapable of saying anything uncompelling

Worth a look: Raw View magazine

If you haven’t seen a copy of Raw View yet, you need to. It’s a beautifully printed magazine dedicated to photography. Each issue presents a wide range of work, diverse in both the type and subject matter of the photography and in terms of who is producing the work

Review: Arthur Lubow’s Diane Arbus Biography Recalls an Underworld Voyager

Arthur Lubow’s new “Diane Arbus: Portrait of a Photographer” is the second major biography of this complicated and controversial artist, after Patricia Bosworth’s “Diane Arbus: A Biography,” published in 1984. Both books pull you into a scenic and moral underworld. The details of Arbus’s troubled life cast a spell.

Publisher’s Insight – An Interview with Dewi Lewis

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The key thing about the photobook is that it is not simply a collection of images. It is a coherent sequenced set of photos expressing the thoughts and opinions of the photographer. For me if a photographer is simply reliant on the aesthetics of their work – on the strength of the single image – and has nothing to say, then they don’t have a book.

L’ouvrage du World Press Photo 2016


Chaque année, l’un des plus attendus et plus importants Prix de Photographie de Presse publie son livre, le “World Press Photo Yearbook”. Cette année, l’ouvrage fait peau neuve, il est plus petit et comporte plus de pages tout en laissant une place importante à l’image ! Le livre est publié dans 6 langues, ce sont donc 6 éditeurs européens (Schilt Publishing, Thames & Hudson, Till Schaap Edition, 24 ORE Cultura et Blume) qui participent à la création de ce nouvel opus 2016. Les photographies des lauréats du World Press sont actuellement exposées à Amsterdam au De Nieuwe Kerk jusqu’au 10 juillet prochain.

Magnum Legacy – Bruce Davidson


The second in an acclaimed series of illustrated biographies of Magnum photographers, this volume chronicles the life and work of Bruce Davidson, a truly American artist, iconoclast, and humanist.

Mossless Teams Up with International Center of Photography for Issue 4

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Romke Hoogwaerts, founder of the experimental photography publication Mossless, has returned to Kickstarter to raise funds for Mossless Issue 4: Public/Private/Portrait. A collaboration with the ICP, issue 4 is focused on the way the portraiture and the idea of the private vs. public self has changed. It’s shaping up on to be Mossless’ biggest endeavor yet, which is no small feat, considering the quality of Hoogweaerts’ last issue, The United States.

Marjorie Salvaterra: HER: Meditations On Being Female

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Photographic Artist Marjorie Salvaterra has created a unique recipe for the perfect visual cocktail. One part Fellini, one part Mom, one part Actress, a splash of Hollywood, a twist of irony, rimmed with a salty sense of humor, definitely shaken, not stirred and poured into an icy glass of self-awareness.  This delicious concoction is being celebrated in a new monograph, HER: Meditations On Being Female