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Daniel Berehulak: Behind the Pulitzer


I think it comes down to how we differentiate ourselves from the “clutter” and how we differentiate our content. Because we ARE journalists…that we use due diligence…check our information and our sources when we are producing it…and when we are consuming it we have to be wary. There are so many different feeds available now…that we can tailor that. If you’re doing research on a certain story…you can “harness” all of this information and use it to our advantage. There is always going to be clutter…but the most exciting thing is that we are now living in a generation that is so much more visually intelligent than it ever was…so it’s up to us…as we are consuming so much more imagery these days. I want to see that as an opportunity on how we can harness these audiences…and harness our own work and to get our voices across to the right people.