Muchismo: Cristina de Middel’s retrospective – The Eye of Photography


Cristina de Middel, one of the most singular and prolific photographers in the world, has carried out numerous projects since her successful series The Afronauts in 2012. A former journalist, for the past several years she has been pursuing personal research, following a more conceptual approach and gradually abandoning the press for the art world. In 2017, she is a Magnum Photos nominee and received the National Photography Prize awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. In her exhibition Muchismo, installed in Madrid in June 2017, Cristina de Middel decided to revisit the totality of her work and display it just the way she keeps it in her studio, that is without any apparent order and crowded together. The exhibition features over 400 images made in Zambia, Brazil, Lagos, India, the Niger… This monographic exhibition is part of the Vagamondes Festival in Mulhouse, France, and is curated by the writer and curator Christian Caujolle.