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Jansen van Staden – Microlight

Jansen van Staden Microlight [ EPF 2019 FINALIST ] After the death of my father in 2011, I discovered a letter, written to his psychotherapist, about his time in the Border War. He dedicated his li…

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On the 29th of September 2011, my Father passed away in a microlight (small aircraft) accident. A few years later, my Brother and I took an opportunity to visit the crash site in Kenya. After which, I requested my Father’s hard-drive from my Uncle. It contained all the photographs he had ever taken, and also, a letter, which was intended for his psychotherapist. It was the first time he had opened up about his time in the Border War. Reading the gruesome details of the letter, sparked an intense emotional response within me. I started to trace the debris, and put the pieces together so that I can begin to understand the extent of his experience, the effects it had on his life, and how it ultimately changed the course of my entire family.