The Intention to be Unintentional: A Conversation with Daniel Arnold | LENSCRATCH
Daniel Arnold takes photos that defy definition. While his practice of walking the streets for endless hours and shooting candid moments would place him squarely in the “street photography” camp, somehow he doesn’t fit in. There’s an eccentricity which overlays his pictures’ earnestness, resulting in a halting power that threatens to be poetic but just as often veers into absurdity. Or maybe that’s just how I read them. If you read the many things that have been written about Daniel, you will see a lot of accusations that he’s somehow either a fake, or overly aggressive, or “random” in his aim. None of these things are true. Arnold is the rare kind of photographer who no one knows how to be: he has amassed a large audience who are not necessarily photography fans, per se. His work’s reach has extended beyond the ghetto of the “Photo World.”