Duplex Planet

Duplex Planet, where David Greenberger has been asking questions to the elderly for over 25 years. A sample: WHY IS MUSIC IMPORTANT? FRANK KANSLASKY: (Laughs) Not to me it ain’t! LEO GERMINO: Because it’s very, very outstanding. It’s important to make people feel better, too. FRANCIS MCELROY: Because it’s the run of the country, and it’s very popular among all people. BILL NIEMI: Well, it sort of relaxes a person’s mind. CHARLES SHEA: Without it there’d be no happiness. ABE SURGECOFF: It brings melody to the people. HERMAN SEFTEL: It tunes up the system. DORA GURKEWITZ: We’re lonely people and we live alone, so we like to have music. HENRY TURNER: It soothes the nerves. And it keeps you from getting bored too. Of course my radio was stolen from me. HOWARD SHERWOOD: Well, I think it’s a great day starter, starter of the day. Most people put their radio on and it brightens up the day. If we had a lot more music and less arguments things would be a lot better – all over the world. In a lot of these countries you aren’t allowed to put music on. (from Duplex Planet issue # 97)

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