The Times Sweeps Overseas Press Club Photo Awards

Recognizing “exceptional courage and enterprise,” the Overseas Press Club awarded its Robert Capa gold medal to Bryan Denton and Sergey Ponomarev of The New York Times for their coverage of the fight against ISIS and its aftermath.

Italy by Magnum , from Henri Cartier-Bresson to Paolo Pellegrin

For L’Italia di Magnum. Da Henri Cartier-Bresson a Paolo Pellegrin, an exhibition currently on view at CAMERA – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia, in Torino, twenty photographers have been called upon to recount events, great and small, through Italian figures and localities from the post-war years right up to the present day, in a blend of famous and less familiar photographs, of places known throughout the world and of ordinary citizens who make up the social and visual fabric of Italia.

As long as there are voices to speak out: spotlighting women photographers

Be that as it may, an imbalance in the voices admitted to publication continues to be felt today. This is true despite an increase in grants for journalists of color in the United States, the creation of professional initiatives, such as Women in Journalism in the UK or the IWMF in the United States, and the proliferation of training opportunities for photographers in developing countries in Asia, Africa, and South America.

An Intimate Look Behind the Scenes in a Chinese Nightclub

Ukrainian photographer Sergey Melnitchenko first arrived in China as a dancer. Performing in a nameless Chinese club he describes as being “more like a huge bar with a stage,” it wasn’t until he paid full attention to the surroundings that the singular atmosphere of the place struck him. “At one moment, I realized how many great things are going on here, and that’s how the series Behind the Scenes appeared,” says Melnitchenko.

Reading the Trump “First 50 Days” Photo Album

You would think that the gift of this photo album, commemorating Trump’s first fifty days in office and showcasing the work of the official White House photographer, would erase, or at least allay the concerns raised by The New Yorker article. If anything though, the album brings the issues of Trump’s guardedness, the quality and amount of White House visual disclosure, and even internal photographic access within the administration into greater relief

The Photographer Who Stalked a Serial Killer

In October of last year, some three months after the last reported shooting, Phoenix photographer Jesse Rieser made the forty-minute drive to Maryvale and spent a little more than a week in the neighborhood. Joining him was the French journalist Emmanuelle Andreani-Facchin of Society Magazine, who spoke with residents and detectives about the case. Their story ran in the magazine on the week of the US election, as part of the “America” issue.

The moment I knew I wasn’t going to be a conflict photographer

I remember the moment I knew I wasn’t going to be a conflict photographer. I was a freelance photojournalist based in Mumbai, India, and in New York for a week visiting prospective clients. All assignments mattered, but there was one publication that I held to an unattainable standard — The New York Times.

Democratizing the Sky: Drones in Visual Journalism

The New York Times staff photographer Josh Haner was an early adopter of drone photography. His earliest forays were with a $60 gadget that he maneuvered around his living room. Since then, he has aimed ever higher, doing videos and stills high above the Gobi Desert and the Marshall Islands. He has embraced the technology in ways that add a stunning dimension to his storytelling, while at the same time presenting unforeseen challenges

Kevin Faingnaert Wins 2017 ZEISS Photography Award

Belgian photographer Kevin Faingnaert has won the 2017 ZEISS Photography Award for his project, “Føroyar,” a series about life on remote and sparsely populated villages on the Faroe Islands (an archipelago located between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean). The prize includes more than $3,100 US to complete the project. Faingnaert will also receive over $12,700 in lenses from ZEISS.