This BuzzFeed Photo Editor is Always on the Lookout For New Photographers

Today, Kate Bubacz is the Senior Photo Editor at BuzzFeed News. We talked with Kate to learn some of her challenges, mistakes she sees photographers making, and where she looks to find new talent (and yes, she’s always looking).

Hye-Ryoung Min: Re-membrance of the remembrance

During an artist residency at the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild, photographer Hye-Ryoung Min had the chance to revisit  the early documentations of her life in written form

Reviewers from Nat Geo, Chronicle Books, Etherton Gallery on What Stood Out at the Photolucida Portfolio Reviews

Interested to know what stood out to a few of my fellow reviewers, I asked National Geographic Director of Photography Sarah Leen, Etherton Gallery’s Daphne Srinivasan and Chronicle Books Senior Editor Bridget Watson Payne to name one or two artists whose work they appreciated

The best of Photo London 2017

Photo London: four days crammed full of exhibitions, talks, artists’ book launches and satellite events devoted to the photographic medium

The Trauma of Life on Skid Row, in Photos

She has been photographing life on Skid Row since the fall of 2015, and in the last year, Suzanne Stein has borne witness to the acute suffering of others. She’s heard firsthand from survivors of rape and abuse. She’s befriended people who are addicted to heroin. She’s been in the presence of infections and illness, true life and death situations. And throughout all of it, a fundamental decency and humanity have remained at the heart of all her images. 

Eric Kim Proves the Value (and Fallacy) of SEO for Photographers

At the surface, the phenomena seems entirely meritocratic – use hard work to circumvent the traditional gatekeepers, thereby building an audience that one can then monetize. But the insidious by-product is a “fake news” quality to the content. Should we believe and/or value the information?

How bureaucratic language strangles journalism’s accountability

Dissidents “were executed.” Bodies “were later found.” The man was killed in an “officer-involved shooting.”

Copy, copy, copyright

The intellectual property rights on photographs are protected in different jurisdictions by the laws governing copyright and moral rights. In some cases photography may be restricted by civil or criminal law. Publishing certain photographs can be restricted by privacy or other laws. Photography of certain subject matter can be generally restricted in the interests of public morality and the protection of children.

Susan Faludi: ‘In My World, Photographs Lie’

in acetate envelopes and slide trays, thousands of Tri-X negatives and Ektachrome slides, along with contact sheets and prints, chronicling year by year and in meticulous order, the minutiae of Faludi family life. That is: my life, and my life with my father.

Puk Damsgård’s The ISIS Hostage Examines the Horror of an Irregular War

The ISIS Hostage: One Man’s True Story of Thirteen Months in Captivity is a case study in what might be called the New War Journalism. Puk Damsgård’s unadorned chronicle of Danish photojournalist Daniel Rye’s capture, confinement and eventual release delivers a lesson as astringent as medicine: in the modern era of irregular warfare, battlefields are no longer demarcated by flags or trenches but by ideology and memory

Stuck at Belgrade Station: Photos show deplorable conditions migrants and refugees are left living in

Photographers Ulrik Hasemann and Mathias Svold traveled to Serbia to examine the living conditions of the migrants and refugees mentioned above. They wanted to give as much of a sense of what it is like for those living at the train station. Instead of taking a traditional approach of merely documenting those conditions, they decided to use a more poetic, less linear and more impressionistic approach in an effort to transport the viewer into the reality these people face every day

Emil Handke: From Silence

Photographer Emil Handke‘s moody and evocative night photographs speak to those quiet spaces where velvety black backdrops set the stage for the mysteries of dark and light. His project, From Silence, is about internal searching, childhood memories, and the fragility of uncertain times.

Grey Villet, A portrait of LIFE in America

Grey Villet traveled America and the world for LIFE magazine like an observant explorer, mapping its emotional contours in the faces and lives of its people. His in-depth, personal studies of the American scene of the 1950s through the 1970’s illuminated the complex reality of those years with a truth that, in his own words, were “as real as real could get.”

Elena Chernyshova – Days of Night – Nights of Day

Norilsk, in northern Russia, is (after Murmansk) the second-largest city within Arctic Circle, with a population of over 177,000. It is also one of the most polluted cities in the world. 2 million tons of gas rejected every year in the atmosphere, 100,000 ha of tundra in the radius of 30 km Is dead, the life expectancy is 10 years less than in other regions of Russia. Rich metal and mineral deposits make the region a nickel, cobalt, platinum and palladium, and Norilsk maintains the biggest metallurgical and mining complex in the world.