Q & A with Ivars Gravlejs

In such a configuration people will find out immediately when you photograph them. If your intervention with the camera is objectionable for them, they will quickly fight back and virtually compress you. 

Claudine Maugendre, photo editor, dies

She was one of the most brilliant photo editors of the last forty years. She was with the journalist Jean Francois Bizot one of the most beautiful actors of the saga Actuel, this flamboyant magazine which from 1971 to 1975 and from 1979 to 1994 was a nursery of journalistic and photographic talents

Jim Goldberg, The Last Son

In The Last Son, Jim Goldberg, born in 1953, talks about his complicated childhood being the youngest son, born long after his older siblings and confronted with a depressed and chronically ill father

Enemy of the people

Hello. My name is photojournalism… and I have a problem. I’m sick. Although I feel the same as I always have. Perhaps there’s something new in the air that my immune system isn’t capable of handling. It used to be that journalism was a respected and admired profession. Heck, even Walter Cronkite was once voted as “The Most Trusted Man in America.” And that’s that way it was!

Sony World Photography Awards Announce 2017 Shortlist

The world’s largest photography competition has announced the shortlist of photographs for the 2017 competition. In its tenth year, the Sony World Photography Awards received 227,596 entries from 183 countries.
The overall winners will be announced on April 20, 2017. Check out some of our favorite shortlisted images from the Professional category below.

Telling the Stories of Egypt’s Endangered Journalists

I was on a bus heading back to New York when I got news from Egypt that my brother Abdullah had been released from solitary confinement. I was so overwhelmed with joy, all I could do was scream hysterically. Then I realized: Our friend and colleague Shawkan wasn’t so lucky. I grew quiet, as the thought of Shawkan still imprisoned left me wondering. When would Shawkan and his family have their moment of relief and happiness?

Barring Reporters From Briefings: Does It Cross a Legal Line?

“That was unconstitutional,” he said. “If you exclude reporters from briefings that they otherwise have a right to attend because you don’t like their reporting, then you have engaged in viewpoint discrimination.” Viewpoint discrimination by the government in a public forum is almost always unconstitutional.

Cambodian Government Cites Trump in Threatening Foreign News Outlets

The Facebook comments “show pretty clearly that as soon as there are perceptions that the United States has wavered on its commitment to press freedom, then countries with authoritarian tendencies are very quick to abandon any pretense of allowing the media to operate freely,” said Shawn W. Crispin, the Bangkok-based Southeast Asia representative for the Committee to Protect Journalists, a nonpartisan advocacy group based in New York

The Hardship, Delight, and Perseverance of Stray Cats, in Photos

Istanbul photographer Ekin Kucuk started feeding the stray cats on her street shortly after her beloved dogs of many years died. She was grieving, and one of the few things that gave her comfort was watching the neighborhood cats gather round her garden in hopes of finding a dish of food. Her relationship with the cats began this way, with no intention of photographing their antics.