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The Village Voice’s Photographers Captured Change, Turmoil Unfolding on New York City’s Streets

Just as the photographs of Lewis Hine and Jacob Riis communicated the horrors of child labor and tenement overcrowding in the early 20th century, Voice photojournalists such as Donna Binder, Ricky Flores, Lisa Kahane, T.L. Litt, Thomas McGovern, Brian Palmer, Joseph Rodriguez, and Linda Rosier conveyed the fears, rage and struggles of the city’s marginalized communities.

The States Project: New Hampshire: Kiera Reese | LENSCRATCH

Kiera and I met online in a critical theory group where we did academic readings and talked about art and artists. She was starting to explore new directions in her work and the work has developed into an ongoing series she is showing off here. Kiera is extremely skilled in post production, and she pushes photography in less-than-traditional directions. She is also a portrait photographer and recently showed off her fine art work at McGowan Fine Art Gallery. http://www.kierareese.com/

What Ara Güler, “The Eye of Istanbul,” Saw in His Homeland | The New Yorker

Before he became a photographer, Ara Güler was a projectionist, working the screen at the old Yıldız Cinema in Istanbul. As a young man, Güler enrolled in drama school, inspired by the thespians who once frequented his father’s pharmacy to buy makeup supplies. But it was cinema that helped set the stage for his life’s work. “A photograph, too, has a mise-en-scène,” Güler says in “The Eye of Istanbul,” a 2015 documentary about his life and career. “A photograph has a background.”

Photo of a Starving Girl in Yemen Prompts Facebook to Remove Posts of Article – The New York Times

The article included several images of emaciated children. Some were crying. Some were listless. One, a 7-year-old girl named Amal, was shown gazing to the side, with flesh so paper-thin that her collarbone and rib cage were plainly visible. Tens of thousands of readers shared the article on Facebook, but some got a message notifying them that the post was not in line with Facebook’s community standards.

Juxtapoz Magazine – Legends of Skateboarding: San Francisco’s Finest With Iconic Skate Photographer Joe Brook

Ilford Photo just released their second short film with Exploredinary as part of their three-part series: Legends of Skateboarding. This episode focuses in on our very own Joe Brook, who works for our sister magazine Thrasher. The episode is filmed in our home city of San Francisco, where Joe has been capturing the best of skateboarding for over 20 years, driving around the city and country in his trusty van “Big Blue.” Check it out!

The changing face of Brooklyn: New York’s most colourful borough

After three decades spent capturing stories around the world, Magnum Photographer Alex Webb finally decided to return home to Brooklyn – a place that champions chaos, diversity and community spirit.

Lens Rentals | Blog

Editorial Note: While we’re most notably known for our passion in gear, we also share the same passion in keeping your data safe. So in order to help our users develop a secure workflow for their data, we’ve teamed up with Backblaze on a series of articles discussing the importance of data management. This is the third article in the three-part series on data management and protection.

Dispatches From a Ruined Paradise – The New York Times

Robert Adams’s succinct preface to his 2010 book of photographs “What Can We Believe Where?” begins with uplift: “In common with many photographers,” he writes, “I began making pictures because I wanted to record what supports hope: the untranslatable mystery and beauty of the world.” Adams’s aim was true. Look at one of his photographs and you’ll see a record of mystery and beauty. The photographic elements are simple. Bright sunlight, generally; crisp shadow; the occasional moody nocturne. We feel as if we are being taught to see with a visual primer. Better yet, turn the pages of one of his books (he has made more than 50) or walk around an exhibition of his work, inhabiting the flow of his decisions. You are likely to feel your breath getting calmer and your senses quietened.

Taking the leap: Why I’m leaving TV news after 24 years | Poynter

I’ve been contemplating this decision for a long time now, ever since my shoulder issues in January 2017 which put me off work for four months.

It’s part of why we’ve been living vagabond for the last year, not wanting to settle in case I made the jump. I tell ya … pulling the trigger has been the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. But I’m making it.

I’m moving on from my career as a photojournalist for NBC LA.

Leica M10-D: A Minimalist Analog-style Body with Wi-Fi Instead of an LCD

Leica has announced the new M10-D, a rangefinder with “a digital heart and an analog soul.” From the outside, it looks like Leica’s digital M rangefinder line has gone back to the world of film photography.

How Hunger Fuels Crime and Violence in Venezuela | Time

Today, as Maduro refuses to lessen his grip on power, Venezuelans are facing brutal political repression, crippled health and education systems, and never-ending economic decline. But it is hunger that has most profoundly transformed daily life, says photographer Ignacio Marin, who traveled to the Venezuelan city of Caracas in May. “You can survive a week without school,” he says. “But you can’t survive a week without food.”

Leica M10-D camera without LCD screen officially announced (the lever is just an “integrated fold-out thumb rest”) – Leica Rumors

The rumored Leica M10-D camera is now officially announced and if I read the text correctly, the lever is just an “integrated fold-out thumb rest”, as I have already reported previously.

The States Project: New Hampshire: Susan S. Bank | LENSCRATCH

Susan is an accomplished black and white film photographer, having studied with Constantine Manos, learning from his acute approach to observation and the frame. Her book Campo Adentro is captivating, bringing the mundane details of day-to-day life into view. It is poetically done, a most intimate journal of visual discovery. This work was recently featured in a solo show at the Leica Gallery in Boston, where Susan and Consta had a conversation among many photography celebrities of the Boston area.

Belgrade after hours: Hanging out with Serbia’s nocturnal misfits

Street photographer Boogie has spent years shedding light on the world’s darkest corners, taking unflinching portraits of druglords, criminals, and post-war landscapes. In a new project, he turns his attention to Belgrade Zoo – a skate crew who capture the long-lost spirit of punk rock rebellion.

Women in war zones: Shooting the frontline when you’re not a middle class man

We speak to four female photojournalists working in hostile environments about the challenges they face and what drives them, despite the inherent risk in their work.