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An insight into the life and work of Roger Ballen

Amy Touchette: The Young Series | LENSCRATCH

“Teenagers are raw adults; they are exposed to adult situations, but lack the experience and wisdom that maturity brings, and adult consequences abound. I was transfixed by the extremity of their hybrid nature, but I also simply wanted to capture what is such a distinct and fleeting time in life—the teen years—regardless of where one lives.—Amy Touchette

Tomasz Laczny – Disappearance « burn magazine

The feeling of loss and longing are the main theme of autobiographical photobook of Tomasz Laczny who based his story on his own experiences while gradually losing the contact with his children after divorce. Tomasz Laczny guides the viewer through a dream world built of autobiographical and fictional elements. Composed with elements of joy, sadness, humor, melancholy and sometimes horror with expressionistic twist the author creates the world where questioned are issues of identity belonging and connections.

B: Q & A with Peter Kool

When I woke up again my vision wasn’t changed, but I had to get used to taking pictures again. My photography world had been very small until then. I had some books of a few well knowns and visited some nearby expositions, but suddenly there was the Internet. I had no idea; looking at pictures of photographers from all over the world gave me a lot of inspiration. It was also a colourful world and I let go of the black and white, but that took a while.

The Color of Humanity in Sally Mann’s South | The New Yorker

We’re in Virginia, where the photographer Sally Mann was born, in 1951, and where she still lives, making work so rooted in place that it is inseparable from history, from lore, and from the effects of slavery. Like Janus, she looks forward as she looks back, at all those bodies that made her and her place in Virginia, and into the landscape, filled with rutted earth, big or low clouds, storybook fantastic vegetation, and the Southern light that reminds so many of photography itself—dark, as Joan Didion wrote, and glowing “with a morbid luminescence.” That entire vision is a part of Mann’s photographs, as she asks in these images of family members, roads, rivers, churches, and the effects of blackness on whiteness and whiteness on itself: Abide with me. And it all does—voices, sounds, the invisible things that Mann’s haunted and haunting photo graphs allow us to see.


The amazing Sara Terry has been a guiding light and incredible supporter of compelling visual story telling over the years, reminding us that the effects of war are long reaching and devastating. In 2006, she created  The Aftermath Project,  a non-profit organization “committed to telling the other half of the story of conflict — the story of what it takes for individuals to learn to live again, to rebuild destroyed lives and homes, to restore civil societies, to address the lingering wounds of war while struggling to create new avenues for peace”.

Indians Celebrating India at Houston FotoFest – The New York Times

Photography in India is a paradox. There are ample commercial opportunities, but not a single school devoted to the medium. So, for the people of the world’s seventh largest country — with a population expected to overtake China — choosing a career in photography means either learning on the job or studying outside the country.

Sony a7 III: A Feature-Filled 24MP and 4K Full-Frame Mirrorless for $1,999

Sony has just announced the a7 III, a feature-filled 24-megapixel full-frame mirrorless camera combines many of Sony’s latest technologies (things found in the new a9 and a7R III) into a compact body.

Canon’s New Speedlite 470EX-AI Shows How Fast Computational Photography Is Moving – PhotoShelter Blog

We previously wrote about the state of computational photography in September 2017. Included within that piece was a reference to the work by Kukas Murmann, Abe Davis, Jan Kautz and Frédo Durand who built a prototype flash mounted on a servo and connected to an electric eye. The mechanism provided an automated way to position a flash to provide indirect light. The resulting images were a dramatic step up from direct flash photography.

is Unsplash the new Instagram ? – Kaptur

About a week ago, Unsplash announced that they had raised $7.25 million, along with plans to bring cryptocurrency to its free stock photo service. While most see their move as a potential Shutterstock killer,  Unsplash  could end up becoming a  potent competitor to Instagram, Pinterest, and Snap as they share more DNA .

500px Acquired by VCG, the Getty Images of China

VCG announced today that its subsidiary VCG Hong Kong has acquired 100% of 500px shares. VCG previously led a $13 million funding round in 500px back in July 2015, becoming 500px exclusive distributor of images in China, and in October of that year 500px announced an expansion into China with its new website,

Pyeongchang Olympics 2018: Photos From the Final Week – The Atlantic

After two weeks of competition, Norway topped the Olympic medals chart with 39 total medals, followed by Germany, Canada, and the United States. Here, a look at some of the events of the last days of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, from ski cross and bobsleigh to hockey, speed skating, the Closing Ceremony, and more.

Susan Meiselas on how she shot Molotov men, war widows and carnival strippers | Art and design | The Guardian

The great photographer has spent five decades capturing ordinary people caught in the turbulence of history. As a retrospective opens, she reveals the ways being a woman helped

From Agony To Triumph: The Story Of Pakistan’s First Female Photojournalist – The Media Line

Saadia Sehar Haidri’s story is one triumph over agony, a journey borne out of the emotional depths of losing her husband in a terrorist attack that reached the professional high point of becoming Pakistan’s first-ever female photojournalist. But despite Saadia’s many achievements, hers remains a rocky road given the prevailing stereotypes in a male-dominated society.

‘It’s more a war on class than a war on drugs’: photojournalist documents unlawful killings in the Philippines – Home | Day 6 | CBC Radio

The bodies pile up in morgues and on the street, hands tied behind their backs, their faces wrapped in tape. They’ve been executed, sometimes in their own homes, often as their families watched in horror.

These stories come to us through the photos of Daniel Berehulak

Sex, Lies and Lemmings: Hossein Fatemi and the toxification of photojournalism – duckrabbit

The year long world tour of photojournalist Hossein Fatemi’s controversial Iranian photos is coming to an end.

Accidentally on purpose – The Leica Camera Blog

LOBA 2017 finalists Vera Török and Robert Pap create surreal street images with the Leica M6