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A Love Affair With The Leica M-D 262 – by Ong Sien Hong – 35mmc

The first time I saw the Leica M-D 262, I almost instinctively knew that I’d got to have it. I love the way it looks. Stylish and minimalist for a digital camera. I couldn’t afford it brand new so I waited to snag a used one at a reasonable price. Sure it shares the same body and sensor as the Leica M240 but it doesn’t quite feel the same holding it in the hand. Furthermore, it comes with a quieter shutter sound. I’d read about how, because of the lack of LCD screen, when you hold an M-D 262, it feels slimmer (not that it actually is slimmer); it’s all true, that was how I felt the first time I touched it.

Examining Identity, Race and Responsibility Among White South Africans – The New York Times

Sydelle Willow Smith’s photos tease out the complexities of her white South African compatriots, who grapple with the question of national origin.

Photog Threatens Copyright Infringement Suit for Unauthorized Use of Ilhan Omar Portrait | PDNPulse

Photographer Jason Grow is demanding payment from an advocacy group that used one of his portraits in a politically charged fundraising ad without permission, and will sue for willful copyright infringement if the group ignores a May 8 deadline, according to his attorney, Andrew D. Epstein.

Mapplethorpe Cinematography with Nancy Schreiber – Newsshooter

On this weeks Go Creative Show, Cinematographer Nancy Schreiber joins host Ben Consoli to discuss her career and latest film Mapplethorpe. Nancy shares her experience shooting on film, navigating tight production budgets, the reality of being a woman in the film industry.

New Documents Reveal DHS Asserting Broad, Unconstitutional Authority to Search Travelers’ Phones and Laptops | Electronic Frontier Foundation

BOSTON — The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the ACLU today asked a federal court to rule without trial that the Department of Homeland Security violates the First and Fourth Amendments by searching travelers’ smartphones and laptops at airports and other U.S. ports of entry without a warrant.

Juan Pablo Bellandi – The Tale Nobody Tells « burn magazine

My job as a Photographer of the pólice in Venezuela for more than two years has taught me through crude lessons to see myself as a policeman, with the particularity that I possess a camera.