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Beyond war with conflict photographer Yuri Kozyrev

He talked in Moscow with host Nathan Thornburgh, who worked alongside Kozyrev throughout Russia and the Caucasus while they were both at TIME magazine. They talked about the late great Stanley Greene, about traveling with mujahedin, and about why it was hard to quit war for good.

Graciela Iturbide’s Photos of Mexico Make ‘Visible What, to Many, Is Invisible’ – The New York Times

Over the past 50 years, Ms. Iturbide has captured layers of Mexico’s diverse cultures and practices, as well as the struggles and contrasts across the nation.

A Portrait of Life Secluded in the Ozark Mountains | The New Yorker

It was the poetry of Frank Stanford that first drew the photographer Matthew Genitempo to the Ozarks. “When you take the lost road . . . / You find lovers who’ve been listening / For the same roosters to sing / For twenty centuries,” Stanford, who inhabited the mountainous region for most of his adult life, writes in his poem “Circle of Lorca.” “When you get lost on the road / You run into the dead.”

Magic in the mundane: candid shots on the streets of Japan

Travelling back and forth between Tokyo and Kamakura, photographer Shin Noguchi seeks out the extraordinary in the everyday. “I want to share these beautiful moments with other people,” he says.

Liza Ambrossio – The rage of devotion – La ira de la devoción « burn magazine

Some time ago I decided to change my life in the most extraordinary way possible. I looked in and without intending it I remembered the phrase with which my mother said goodbye the last time I saw her at sixteen years old – “I wish you well, and believe me I hope you’ll become strong and brave, so you can be merciless when the time comes to destroy your body and crush your soul the next time we see each other”- After an overwhelming emotional breakdown, I started this series of images intermingling with pictorial canvases and photographs of my family archive to impel the observer to immerse themselves in my psychology.

The Horrific Brutality of the Meat Industry, in Photos – Feature Shoot

“The meat industry knows the damage that can be caused by images of abused animals,” the photojournalist Aitor Garmendia tells me. “In order that these images never see the light, they have guidelines to prevent cameras from accessing their facilities.” In fact, his work on slaughterhouses, part of a larger project on animal exploitation titled Tras los Muros (Behind the Walls), is the most extensive undercover record of its kind. Starting in 2015, Garmendia traveled to eleven states throughout Mexico to document the transportation and killing of farm animals. “I visited about two hundred slaughterhouses,” he reports. “I entered fifty-eight.”

The Black Sea Series – The Leica camera Blog

Istanbul-based photographer Suzan Pektaş operates as a medium between reality and dream. Her photography is a visual exploration of the mundane, the fantastical and everything in between. Be it timeless, black and white street shots, more abstract experiments with movement and light or documentary story-telling, Pektaş’s output is nothing short of prolific and invariably high in quality. For her latest series she focused on a personal story, relating to her own childhood and the time she spent on the Black Sea coast. Shot with the Leica M-P Typ 240, the resulting photographs reveal the multiple cultural layers of the region, with a touch of personal mysticism and spirituality.

Quick Tip: Jake Stangel’s Advice to Photographers Struggling for Assignments | PDNPulse

In our story called “How Top Photographers Conquer Self-Doubt,” Jake Stangel was one of several photographers who shared his advice about how to keep going when the phone isn’t ringing. Here’s what he told us:

Photos: The Murmurations of Starlings – The Atlantic

When starlings flock together, wheeling and darting through the sky in tight, fluid formations, we call it a murmuration. These murmurations can range from small groups of a few hundred starlings in a small ball to undulating seas of millions of birds that might block out the sun. I thought today would be a good day to take a few moments and appreciate the simple beauty of murmurations, captured by a number of photographers over the past few years.

Intimate Photos of Community and Resilience in New York’s Chinatown in the 1980s – The New York Times

As waves of immigrants from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China arrived in Lower Manhattan, Bud Glick documented Chinatown and provided much needed detail and context for a community often reduced to clichés.

Picks of the bunch: Huck’s top ten photo stories of 2018

From the cab driver who documented NYC for 30 years, to secret snapshots of Tokyo street life: we look back at our most popular photography stories of the year – as chosen by readers.

What the world looks like as history is being written

From the US to Latin America, Natalie Keyssar’s photography uncovers the impact of social and political structures on everyday lives – capturing the violence of inequality and the messiness of uncertainty.

YOUR Favorite Photograph of 2018 Exhibition | LENSCRATCH

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Thunderball Clothing Shuttered Due to Outrage from Arch Enemy Photo Ban

Photographer J Salmeron of Metal Blast sparked a huge outpouring of support from other photographers and creatives last week after he shared how he was blacklisted by the band Arch Enemy while trying to protect his copyright. Now the clothing business at the center of the controversy has closed up shop in response to all the “hate and threats” it has received.

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