Indians Celebrating India at Houston FotoFest – The New York Times

Photography in India is a paradox. There are ample commercial opportunities, but not a single school devoted to the medium. So, for the people of the world’s seventh largest country — with a population expected to overtake China — choosing a career in photography means either learning on the job or studying outside the country.

Sony a7 III: A Feature-Filled 24MP and 4K Full-Frame Mirrorless for $1,999

Sony has just announced the a7 III, a feature-filled 24-megapixel full-frame mirrorless camera combines many of Sony’s latest technologies (things found in the new a9 and a7R III) into a compact body.

Canon’s New Speedlite 470EX-AI Shows How Fast Computational Photography Is Moving – PhotoShelter Blog

We previously wrote about the state of computational photography in September 2017. Included within that piece was a reference to the work by Kukas Murmann, Abe Davis, Jan Kautz and Frédo Durand who built a prototype flash mounted on a servo and connected to an electric eye. The mechanism provided an automated way to position a flash to provide indirect light. The resulting images were a dramatic step up from direct flash photography.

is Unsplash the new Instagram ? – Kaptur

About a week ago, Unsplash announced that they had raised $7.25 million, along with plans to bring cryptocurrency to its free stock photo service. While most see their move as a potential Shutterstock killer,  Unsplash  could end up becoming a  potent competitor to Instagram, Pinterest, and Snap as they share more DNA .

500px Acquired by VCG, the Getty Images of China

VCG announced today that its subsidiary VCG Hong Kong has acquired 100% of 500px shares. VCG previously led a $13 million funding round in 500px back in July 2015, becoming 500px exclusive distributor of images in China, and in October of that year 500px announced an expansion into China with its new website,

Pyeongchang Olympics 2018: Photos From the Final Week – The Atlantic

After two weeks of competition, Norway topped the Olympic medals chart with 39 total medals, followed by Germany, Canada, and the United States. Here, a look at some of the events of the last days of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, from ski cross and bobsleigh to hockey, speed skating, the Closing Ceremony, and more.

Susan Meiselas on how she shot Molotov men, war widows and carnival strippers | Art and design | The Guardian

The great photographer has spent five decades capturing ordinary people caught in the turbulence of history. As a retrospective opens, she reveals the ways being a woman helped

From Agony To Triumph: The Story Of Pakistan’s First Female Photojournalist – The Media Line

Saadia Sehar Haidri’s story is one triumph over agony, a journey borne out of the emotional depths of losing her husband in a terrorist attack that reached the professional high point of becoming Pakistan’s first-ever female photojournalist. But despite Saadia’s many achievements, hers remains a rocky road given the prevailing stereotypes in a male-dominated society.

‘It’s more a war on class than a war on drugs’: photojournalist documents unlawful killings in the Philippines – Home | Day 6 | CBC Radio

The bodies pile up in morgues and on the street, hands tied behind their backs, their faces wrapped in tape. They’ve been executed, sometimes in their own homes, often as their families watched in horror.

These stories come to us through the photos of Daniel Berehulak

Sex, Lies and Lemmings: Hossein Fatemi and the toxification of photojournalism – duckrabbit

The year long world tour of photojournalist Hossein Fatemi’s controversial Iranian photos is coming to an end.

Accidentally on purpose – The Leica Camera Blog

LOBA 2017 finalists Vera Török and Robert Pap create surreal street images with the Leica M6

Giovanni Cocco – Burladies « burn magazine

Burlesque is an ancient show connected to the nineteenth-century theatre, born during the Victorian England as popular show. The beautiful women kidded the aristocracy of their age through music, dances and ironic and provoking manners. At the end of the XX° century, on the wave of vintage mode and culture, the «burlesque performers» have reinvented themselves creating a «new-burlesque», a show during which the strip-tease is only an element and not at all mandatory. As part of the show there is choreography, orchestra music, comic moments and, for the contemporary version, contamination by fetish and punk elements.

Inside a Broken Police Department in Flint, Michigan | The New Yorker

The photographer Zackary Canepari is among the few outsiders with sustained interest in the internal rot of this American city. A native of Boston who now lives between New York and the Bay Area, he has been documenting life in Flint since 2012, including the water crisis that poisoned the city’s residents; an eight-part documentary series called “Flint Town,” which Canepari made with Jessica Dimmock and Drea Cooper, premières on March 2nd, on Netflix. For his most recent series of images, he examined the Flint Police Department. How does law enforcement work in a place in constant crisis?

Journalism has a catch-22 problem with visuals | Poynter

LaForme: We are, indeed! I called up Cathaleen Curtiss, the photography director at the Buffalo News, which is, by the way, my hometown newspaper. I called to talk about photo policies and how newsrooms generally create the rules and guidelines about how to use visuals. But we ended up having a great freewheeling conversation about her career, the photojournalism industry and how modern journalists relate with photos.

Kodak is Bringing Back T-MAX P3200 Film

“This film excels when shooting in low light or when capturing fast action,” Kodak Alaris says. “It is ideally suited for handheld street scene photography, night work, and in dimly lit venues where you can’t use flash.”

NFL Insider – The Leica Camera Blog

Jon Willey shares his candid images from the world of the American football

Coming of Age Amid Patriotic Training – The New York Times

With that in mind, Ms. Blesener, 26, turned to exploring the myriad programs that teach patriotic values and military skills to about 400,000 American children and teenagers. Many were similar to the Russian programs, though she said there was less military training in the United States. She eventually settled on 10 programs, including Utah Patriot Camp, the Border Patrol Explorer program, Young Marines and the Junior R.O.T.C. program.

Should the Media Show Photos from School Shootings? It’s Complicated

Fundamental questions remain: What is the line between informing audiences and exploiting victims and their families? Should the media find a balance between shocking and shielding audiences? And when it comes to mass shootings – and gun violence more broadly – if outlets did include more bloody images, would it even make a difference?