3 Ways to Find Your Stolen Photos on the Web

If you’re posting your images online with any sort of regularity, they’re probably being stolen from time to time—it’s an unfortunate reality of the digital age. And so, photographer Anthony Morganti decided to create this video and share 3 basic ways to search for and find your stolen photos online.

The Horrific Truth About Pigs in Factory Farms

When photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur documents life inside a factory farm, she doesn’t touch a thing. She usually doesn’t have permission from the owners, and she enters at night with a security team. She has never broken anything, and she leaves the location exactly as she found it. She’s there to tell the truth, and that truth is worth running the risk of trespassing fines, and in some cases, bodily harm.

Jamel Shabazz’s 40 Years of Sights and Styles in New York

When Jamel Shabazz began photographing New York in 1980, the city was recovering from one of its most tumultuous periods. By the late-1970s, New York was facing a faltering economy, a serious drug problem and the physical deterioration of many neighborhoods. New York was ripe for sociological analysis and hand-wringing.

Meridith Kohut Wins Chris Hondros Award for Venezuela Coverage

Meridith Kohut, who has been documenting Venezuela’s downward spiral for The New York Times, has won the fifth annual Getty Images and Chris Hondros Fund Award. The award was created in honor of Mr. Hondros, who was killed in Libya in April 2011 along with the photographer and filmmaker Tim Hetherington.

Candice Jackson: The States Project: Massachusetts

I spoke with the artist quite a bit about the complications of discussing terrorists, patriots and political violence. She does not condone it, but feels obligated to tell a deeper story about Lolita Lebron other than her footnote and link to terrorism in the annals of our territorial history.

An Interview with Fine Art Photographer Roger Ballen

I want to go out and take photographs. I just relax and keep a focused mind and make the photographs. I don’t have any particular goals. I’ve always said that if you define my pictures with words other than enigmatic or mysterious, then the pictures are bad.

House Votes to Make Register of Copyrights Independent of Library of Congress

Photo trade groups are applauding the House vote on H.R. 1695. ASMP praised the vote on its web site, and has said in the past that the bill would “help ensure that the Register of Copyrights has the voice and resources needed to implement policy, manage its operations, and organize its information technology in a way that brings the Copyright Office into the 21st century.”