It’s good to talk: Photography and the Twitter community

The advent of digital photography saw this meeting place diminish in number or disappear entirely, leaving many photographers with only a computer screen for company as the digital darkroom is not a natural meeting place for casual chat and coffee. It is perhaps no surprise then that so many photographers have seen Twitter as a communication lifeline and an invaluable forum for conversation with like-minded souls. But what is its true value to photographers and photography?

Photographer Wins Monkey Selfie Copyright Case, Court Slams PETA

Photographer David Slater has won his legal battle over that monkey selfie. A US appeals court ruled Monday that US copyright law doesn’t allow animals to file copyright infringement lawsuits.

Photojournalist Annie Griffiths spent a lifetime finding hidden stories | Digital Trends

It was 1978 when Annie Griffiths, at the age of 25, landed a job at National Geographic.

She was one of the first women to be hired as a photographer by the magazine, and also the youngest. At that time, she had never been outside of the United States, but quickly found herself thrust into the fast-paced world of international photojournalism, often working in several different countries for a single project — and, eventually, with two kids in tow.

Bruce Gilden’s Farm Boys & Farm Girls – The Leica Camera Blog

At Photo London 2018 the street photography legend exhibits his series shot with the Leica S

Flickr / Smugmug: The frog that ate the bull – Kaptur

Flickr’s acquisition by Smugmug, if anything, has reminded us that the grandfather of photo sharing site is not dead. Yet. Almost hidden in the weekend lull, the news surprised almost everyone paying attention to this space: It’s been a long while since Flickr grabbed the headlines. But beyond the unconventional lack of details, what does this acquisition forecast?

Journalists, it’s unethical to ignore your online security | Poynter

The Field Guide to Security Training in the Newsroom (a collaboration between OpenNews staff; Amanda Hickman, formerly of Buzzfeed Open Lab; Kevin O’Gorman, integration manager at The Globe and Mail and a slew of contributors) is full of useful information about topics like setting up secure messaging apps, password management and two-factor authentication. It also provides necessary tips and resources for those accidental experts sharing it, like lesson plans and games.

The Photo Exhibition Holding Things Together in “This Synthetic Moment” – Feature Shoot

With this in mind, Hartt sets out to curate a photography exhibition that speaks to our times. This Synthetic Moment at David Nolan, New York, brought together the works of Liz Johnson Artur, James Barnor, Kwame Brathwaite, David Hartt, Zoe Leonard, and Christopher Williams to explore, in Hartt’s words, “pictures of power and pride and grief and desire and confusion and community and celebration and abandonment.”

Steven D. Foster: The Space Between | LENSCRATCH

Steven Foster’s photographic career spans six decades and continues to this day. Beginning at the age of 10 Steven realized that he would dedicate his life to photography. In the years following Steve would create many photographic projects with subjects ranging from music and poetry to family and spirituality. I first came across Steven’s work as an intern at The Alice Wilds Gallery and was instantly captivated by his photographs. Steve seemed to have his own unique formal language with subjects that were very familiar. From the atmospheric subtle landscapes of Lake Michigan, to the sharp musical compositions of his Steve Lacy Series, Steven applied his vision across a range of subjects and processes. His Garage series and Lake Collages demonstrate an even deeper consideration for the photograph as an object. Working at an extremely small scale within the darkroom, these works not only speak to his unique language of seeing but also reveal a departure from straightforward observation through hand-constructed landscapes. More recently, Steven has been exploring synchronicity and the sacred in contemporary art practice. Currently, Steven Foster is showing selected works from 1977-2017 at The Alice Wilds in Milwaukee, WI from March 16th – April 28th.

The Winning Photos of the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards

The prestigious Sony World Photography Awards has announced its overall winners for the 2018 competition. The Photographer of the Year award was won by British photographer Alys Tomlinson for her series Ex-Voto.

Karl Mancini – Amores Perros « burn magazine

In Buenos Aires the dirty waters of Riachuelo delimit borders and people who have their houses in its proximity live in alarming conditions.On one side it is Capital Federal on the other it is Avellaneda, here Buenos aires there the Province. One of the suburbs on the river is called Isla Maciel.Amores Perros is a story of love and pain, a story of skin, street, drug, fight and violence. It is the story of some adolescents. Their stories are the stories of many Argentinean boys and girls who grow up on the streets, to whom the drug Paco has sold since the age of eight years old because cocaine is too expensive (20 pesos is the cost of a dose of Paco, just over one euro), whose effects last about two minutes and condemn people to life of dependence and slavery, often to death.

How do you make people care? Here’s how this award-winning photographer does it. | Poynter

Andrea Bruce was driving when something caught her eye.

“I actually saw them from the road …. I asked, ‘What is happening here?'”

Unlike most people in the world, Bruce can travel to amazing places. And when she sees something, she can stop.

Watch Canon’s Ultra-Dramatic Video Showing Off Its Sensors of the Future

Canon recently released this incredibly dramatic 5-minute video to showcase its latest CMOS sensor technologies. The opening question, set to moving music, is: “Have you ever seen a rainbow in the light of the moon?”

PhotoShelter’s Student Handbook: What You Didn’t Learn in School About the Photo Biz – PhotoShelter Blog

We designed PhotoShelter’s Student Handbook to bridge the gap for students, recent graduates, and young professionals who might need some business guidance to nudge them towards a more profitable career. The guide is a starting point for exploring different facets of the business of photography, and we hope that you also take advantage of the myriad of resources that are available including:

Stunning Photo Auction to Support Multiple Sclerosis Research – Feature Shoot

When the photo editor Rachael Lieberman decided to put together a photography auction to help fund treatment for people living with Multiple Sclerosis, they settled on the theme of the five senses. MS affects nerve fibers, and the disease can cause vision loss, impaired hearing, reduced smell and taste, pain, paralysis, and more. A total of fifty artists have come together to support the neurology department at UCLA with images celebrating all manner of sights, sounds, scents, flavors, and sensations.

Is Ryan Kelly’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Photograph an American ‘Guernica’?

At first glance, the photograph is nearly impossible to make sense of visually or politically. Cars are not supposed to drive into pedestrians; fellow citizens are not supposed to kill each other over political differences. And there’s so much in the frame of the image – so many figures and forms crowded together, most only partially visible – that you can’t take it in all at once.