Telling Complex Truths About Africa at LagosPhoto Festival – The New York Times

The eighth edition of the LagosPhoto Festival opened last week and runs through Dec. 15th. Azu Nwagbogu, the festival’s founder and director, spoke with James Estrin about photography in Africa. Their conversation has been edited for clarity and brevity.

These Baltic Militias Are Readying For War With Russia – The Atlantic

Tomaso Clavarino is an Italian documentary photographer who spent nearly a month reporting from Eastern Europe and the Baltic states. Between April and June of this year, he followed several Baltic paramilitary groups, including the Lithuanian Lietuvos Šaulių Sąjunga (“Riflemen’s Union”), the Estonian Defense League, and the National Guard, which was recently folded into Latvia’s 1,500-strong National army. While these groups have existed for decades, their ranks have swelled in recent years in response to Russian aggression.

Amanda Boe: Silver Lining | LENSCRATCH

For her series, Silver Linings, Amanda spent seven years examining familial terrain in Northern California, documenting the worlds she once inhabited. She also focuses on her cousins who are now growing up in neighborhoods of her past, allowing her to connect in a more profound way with her younger self and those of her bloodline. The project celebrates the ordinary and the internal, baring witness to the past and the present in a time of national disquiet.

David Hillard: Regarding Others | LENSCRATCH

Photographer David Hilliard has a new exhibition, David Hilliard: Regarding Others at the Schneider Gallery in Chicago that runs through December 30th, 2017. There’s something about David’s cinematic large format photographs that stand apart–it’s a special quality of light, color, and clarity that comes from analog capture, but also a profound ability to connect photographs, shaping them into small novellas with nuance and heart. The Schneider Gallery states, In Regarding Others, selections from David Hilliard’s career aim to bridge themes of youth, beauty, rites of passage, longing and aging that often saturate his evocative compositions.  Hilliard references intimate moments often drawn from his personal life while simultaneously and skillfully allowing the work to remain universally understood.

We’re Just Sayin: RIP Wally McNamee, Our Pal

There are some people who you always know you can count on, no matter what.  They are not necessarily your best friend. You may not see them for a day, a month, or a year. But you know they are always around. Wally McNamee was one of those people

The Significance of a Personal Project

When I arrived back in Hanoi I was accompanied by a truck load of credit card debt from gear purchased that I didn’t need and a year left at university that I would never finish. My plan was to focus on personal projects and use my time shooting my projects as my version of my final year of school. I was intrigued by a book I found in San Francisco by Philip Jones Griffiths about victims of agent orange and I wanted to do my own version of this story.

Lu Guang’s blood wood: photographs of exploited African forest – The Eye of Photography

The rise of China has been accompanied by a voracious demand for raw materials such as oil and minerals, as it has brought widespread prosperity to the Chinese mass, a boom in consumption and in real estate development has led to new demand in home decoration and furniture. Less well known are the unsuspected consequences on the world’s ecosystem such as rhino horn and elephant ivory, even less is the critical threat on the sustainability of Africa’s tropical forest.

From Boys to Men in the South Bronx – The New York Times

These days, images of the Mott Haven neighborhood in the South Bronx tend to showcase either gleaming new buildings or still-warm bullet casings framed by police tape. Stories often dwell on the gentrifying neighborhood’s property sales or the latest murder in the 40th precinct.

John Cantlie: plea for release of British Isis hostage five years after kidnap | World news | The Guardian

Media rights watchdog Reporters Without Borders has called for renewed efforts to secure the release of British photojournalist John Cantlie held by the Islamic State group on the fifth anniversary of his kidnapping.

Andrea Stultiens’ fragmented Uganda – The Eye of Photography

As an extension of the Ai Weiwei exhibition at the FotoMuseum (FOMU) in Antwerp, visitors are invited to climb upstairs. On the upper level, the Dutch artist, archivist, and curator Andrea Stultiens presents her glimpses of Uganda. “Glimpses” is the right word. One could refer to “fragmentary history.” In 2011, Andrea Stultiens and the Ugandan artist R. Canon Griffin founded the research platform History in Progress Uganda. The platform aims to build an archival collection of photographic documents as well as bring them to life.

Michael Wolf, life in cities – The Eye of Photography

German photographer Michael Wolf’s started his series entitled Life in Cities in 2011. An update of his project now on view at Christophe Guye Galerie in Zürich gives an even deeper insight in Wolf’s extensive, culturally investigative and artistic work on life in mega-cities. His projects document both the architecture and the vernacular culture of metropolises.

Elena Anosova – Out of the Way « burn magazine

The project was created on the far away territories of the Extreme North of Russia, where bad accessibility and isolation, special relationship with nature, and following the century-long ways of life involve unique mythology of the region where the fictional things are very often more important than modern reality. These lands are immersed into the flow of their own life activity, where the past and the present surprisingly interlace. My ancestors were hereditary hunters in a small settlement near Nizhnyaya Tunguska River. Almost 300 years ago they came to colonize Siberia, then assimilated into the Evenkis and founded a village in taiga. They lived in an old house as a large family with more than 15 children. 

The 2017 The Dinner Table Exhibition | LENSCRATCH

Happy Thanksgiving!  For some people, Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday, free from buying gifts and holiday stress, surrounded by friends and family where food is the main event. On the other hand, sometimes these traditions and trips bring a whole other set of baggage. But today we celebrate place where it all happens, at The Dinner Table.

Washington Post staff photographer remembers friend and mentor Wally McNamee – The Washington Post

Post staff writer Bart Barnes, in McNamee’s obituary, wrote: “Among his most memorable pictures was a photograph of first lady Jacqueline Kennedy disembarking from Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base on Nov. 22, 1963, hours after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas. The president’s brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, is holding her hand, and she is still wearing the suit stained with the president’s blood spattered on her by the assassin’s bullets. Mr. McNamee later described it as “a graphic touch to this horrible moment.”

A Fresh Look at Gordon Parks’ Photo Essay “Harlem Gang Leader” – Feature Shoot

1948 was a watershed year in the career of American photographer Gordon Parks. An established fashion photographer who had been working on assignment for LIFE magazine, Parks was also an accomplished author, publishing his second book, Camera Portraits, a collection of his work accompanied by professional observations about posing, lighting, and printing. At the same, time, Parks longed for something deeper and more essential to his soul.

Zhang Kechun’s The Yellow River – The Eye of Photography

The idea of this project came to me while reading the novel River of the North by Zhang Chengzhi. Once I started, the current of reality submerged my spirit. The river which previously was the source of so many myths no longer existed. Its future does not remain less radiant, in the image of this immense country with its thousands of years of history. This weak moan will soon be drowned by cries of joy; we would be wrong to not be optimistic.

Fairytale Photos of Everyday Life – The New York Times

That kind of event can change one’s perspective, and for the photographer Cig Harvey, her brush with vehicular death in 2015 inspired her new series “You an Orchestra You a Bomb,” recently released by Schilt Publishing, which also opens as a solo exhibition at Robert Mann in New York on December 7. With its strong emphasis on evocative color and objects culled from the natural world, the project touches upon magic, mystery and fairy tales. One easily imagines Narnia just through the wardrobe door or Hogwarts awaiting at the end of the train ride. (Surprisingly, Ms. Harvey, who was born in England, has never read the Harry Potter books.)

Federal Court Sustains Vivian Maier Copyright Claim | PDNPulse

A federal court in Chicago has ruled that the Vivian Maier Estate can proceed with copyright infringement and other claims against defendant Jeffrey Goldstein, who allegedly sold prints, set up exhibitions and licensed Maier’s images without authorization.

Gossip and News, Strange Bedfellows

On a recent episode of the Longform podcast, the hosts heaped praised on Jodi Kantor and her reporting for the bombshell Harvey Weinstein exposé. The episode was released the same day the New York Times published a story reported by Kantor, Melena Ryzik, and Cara Buckley in which five women accuse comedian Louis C.K. of sexual harassment and assault, a story that had existed in a similar whisper network among female performers for years.