WWDC takeaways: lots of great news for photo app developers, but one major puzzler – Kaptur

The photo app developers I spoke with are overwhelmingly excited about a range of WWDC announcements, even though one of these dumbfounded several developers. We’ll get into that one later; let’s start with the four most exciting announcements.

Photojournalist Mathias Depardon Released from Turkish Prison | PDNPulse

Turkey currently has 159 journalists in jail, making it the world’s biggest jailer of journalists, according to Committee to Protect Journalists.

The Eerie World of Forgotten Nuclear Missile Bases, in Photos – Feature Shoot

“I grew up during the Cold War, when the pieces in a political game of chess were nuclear missiles,” Santa Barbara photographer Brett Leigh Dicks writes, “Kids at school were being taught to ‘duck and cover,’ telemovies depicted nuclear holocausts, and people were digging bomb shelters in their backyards.”

Opposing Forces is Dicks’ journey through space and time, to the since-deserted remains of decommissioned missile bases throughout the United States and the former Soviet Union.

Peter Yang Makes Us Laugh with Photos for the GQ Comedy Issue – PhotoShelter Blog

The exceptionally talented Peter Yang has made a name for himself as one of the premiere portrait photographers of his generation. His self-effacing personality combined with an acerbic wit has landed him regular gigs with Variety, ESPN the Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and more.

New reporting raises questions about killing of NPR journalists – Poynter

An investigation into the killing of NPR photographer David Gilkey and interpreter Zabihullah Tamanna last year has revealed flaws in the original story put forth by Afghan officials.

It’s Not Porn, But It is Illegal – PhotoShelter Blog

The Verge published a piece about This is Not Porn, a website run by a Swedish designer Patrik Karlsson that features historical photos of celebrities in non-celebrity contexts. What started as a personal blog has grown over the past 7 years into a website with a social media presence on Twitter (28k followers) – successful enough to garner mainstream press coverage, and for Karlsson to solicit donations of $350 to pay for website hosting and “a beer or two.”

5 Inspiring Videos Featuring Canon’s ‘Explorers of Light’ Photographers

Canon have added 5 new videos to their Explorers of Light showcase series, in which members of their pro team discuss their careers and their passion for photography.

The battle of the photo format – Kaptur

Hidden deep inside Apple’s WWDC 17 was an announcement that made little waves but that might have great repercussion: In their OS11 release, the Cupertino company plans to store images using their new HEIF format rather the almighty JPEG. The reason? HEIF compression takes half the space of the JPEG compression, suddenly doubling storage for photos.

iOS 11’s new HEIF/HEVC camera formats will save you 50% on storage | 9to5Mac

At this year’s jam-packed WWDC 2017, Apple introduced two new camera formats that are included in iOS 11: HEVC and HEIF. In using the new camera formats, Apple estimates users will be able to save up to 50% on storage needs, without any loss in image quality. This becomes the perfect solution for users on lower capacity devices, that still want to take advantage of the iPhone’s great camera.

Matthew Hamon: The States Project: Montana | LENSCRATCH

The work presented here, On The Hi-Line, conveys that same quiet tribute I saw in his project The Stand at Standing Rock. He educates with his camera and creates contradictions of this place. By utilizing a pastel color pallet and soft light that conjure ideas of romance he challenges the viewer’s definition of a stretch of Montana landscape that is known for being windy, cold, desolate, and suffering from economic downturn. Matthew is giving the viewer a perspicacious photographic eulogy

Magnum’s Marvelous Messiness – The Eye of Photography

Where does Magnum go from here? It could go anywhere and everywhere, which is really what it’s been doing all along, if this exhibition’s thesis is correct. A quote from Lee Jones in the aforementioned epilogue sums it up nicely: “Magnum is, and should fight to remain, an anachronism.”

Photographer captures loneliness in the crowds of Japanese megacities – Feature Shoot

“I think that this sudden growth led to many other social problems including declining birthrate, loneliness, death and poverty” writes Tokyo-based photographer Hiroharu Matsumoto. This theme of loneliness, in particular, is prevalent in contemporary Japanese literature—notably in the works of Haruki Marukami and Ryu Murakami. “Solitude lurks in the hearts of most people who live in the giant megacity that is Tokyo”.

Forever 21 & Urban Outfitters Sued for $600,000 for Stealing Tupac Photos

Neither Forever 21 nor Urban Outfitters are strangers to copyright infringement lawsuits, both having been accused many times of stealing work from other artists. And it’s not just photos, back in 2015, we covered a lawsuit from Adobe against Forever 21, who were accused of pirating copies of Photoshop.

Photographer Zwelethu Mthethwa Sentenced to 18 Years for Murder | PDNPulse

Jack Shainman Gallery, which has represented Mthethwa since 2006, has recently moved his name off their artists’ roster, but continue to sell some of his prints.

Revealing the Hearts and Minds of 14-Year-Old Girls Living in Brussels, Palestine and Congo – Feature Shoot

Through her project, I AM 14, that materialised over three years and across three countries, Bénédicte Vanderreydt invites us into the lives of three 14-year-old girls. Fascinated by what transpires about adolescence through their compulsive picture-making for social media, Vanderreydt sets out to investigate what she sees as “a complex set of mirrors in which we no longer know who is looking and who is being looked at.”

How Bots Are Inflating Instagram Egos – The New York Times

The answer, as with so many things online, came down to marketing. Many people with public accounts on Instagram may not realize that when random users follow them or like or comment on their posts, it is often the work of a cottage industry of websites that, for as little as $10 a month, send their clients’ accounts on automated liking, following and commenting sprees. It’s a rogue marketing tactic meant to catch the attention of other Instagram users in hopes that they will follow or like the automated accounts in return.

After Reality Winner’s Arrest, Media Asks: Did ‘Intercept’ Expose a Source? – The New York Times

Sharing an original document when asking questions of government officials, as The Intercept appears to have done, can expose metadata and high-tech watermarks that may reveal a leaker’s identity. And an affidavit asserts that The Intercept revealed to a second contractor that the document was mailed from Augusta, Ga., where Ms. Winner resides.

Antonio Amato, Genova’s punk scene in the 80’s – The Eye of Photography

Genova 1981-1983 is the first monograph by Italian photographer Antonio Amato. More than hundred images guide us through the Genoa punk scene of those years, telling about the attitude, habits and gestures of the people who were part of and created the scene.