Mexico Week: Adam Wiseman

One of the pleasures of attending the FotoFest 2018 Biennial Meeting Place Reviews was meeting reviewers from around the globe who journied to Houston to celebrate and appreciate photography. I am so grateful to gallerist Patricia Conde Juaristi, of the P

Rooted in what I learned at the International Center of Photography in NY and as a darkroom printer at the Magnum Photo Agency (also in NY) my personal work challenges the traditional format of documentary photography primarily the idea of  pursuing objectivity with an intrinsically subjective medium. My recent projects Moving Portraits (2013), Moving Stills (2015),  Tlatelolco Disproved (2014) and Free Architecture (2017-ongoing) are examples of how the processes can be integrated into the final presentation of a project to create an honest representation through subjectivity and transparency. – Adam Wiseman
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