L.A. Times photo editor Alan Hagman dies at 55; 'always the nicest person in the room'

As a photographer he shot defining images of Southern California; as an editor he looked for images that told stories about the world.

Alan Hagman, a veteran Los Angeles Times photographer who captured defining Southern California images with his camera and as an editor relied on a skilled eye to tell stories from Seattle to Singapore with powerful and arresting pictures, has died at his home in Long Beach.

A Tale of Two Stories: An Interview with Alan Hagman

By Jim ColtonJim Colton: The LA Times' photo staff is teeming with talent...Barbara Davidson, Carolyn Cole, Rick Loomis, etc. What is the breakdown of the photo department including photographers and photo editors? 

Alan Hagman: Our visual staff is comprised of 32 visual journalists, with three devoted full-time to video. The majority of our staff is also trained to shoot and edit video and audio. We have 16 photo editors for print and online, including senior management. Each photo editor is responsible for a specific section or department, Metro, National/Foreign, Business, Sports, Calendar/Entertainment and Features. We also have two people devoted primarily to multimedia production