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Autocracy is on the rise. An obvious statement maybe, but one rooted more and more firmly in the present albeit with a shaky-hand salute to the past. From Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan, through Napoleon, Stalin, and Hitler, and more recently, Hussein, A

Upon first viewing of the classic, black-and-white, observe-and-capture images in Grace’s book, one familiar element is the public displays of larger-than-life portraits dotting the bland concreteness of the cities Grace traveled through. Stern visages of elected officials and members of the various politburos who maintained the status quo of communism overlaid on society created a sense of menace, as if Big Brother was watching everyone’s every move.

America for Beginners (or the Forgetful)

Compiling images for his fourth book was like getting a primer in his own career, as the photographer Arthur Grace found countless pictures that he didn’t remember taking.

Imagine if someone put a gun to Arthur Grace’s head and asked him if he had photographed Evel Knievel jumping over trucks in Worcester, Mass. He would be a dead man.