A Loving Look at Hispanic New Mexican Life

Soon after arriving in New Mexico in 1981, Kevin Bubriski was entranced by the generations-old culture and traditions of Hispano Nuevomexicanos, whose roots stretch back to the 1500s.

The first photo Kevin Bubriski took after arriving in Santa Fe, N.M., opened a portal to a whole culture, ancient and rich, hiding in plain sight.

A Timeless Portrait of Nepal

Kevin Bubriski arrived in Nepal as a Peace Corps worker. He has returned over the decades to capture its stark landscapes and resilient people, offering a reminder of a vanishing world.

many regions were isolated in an untouched Middle Ages. This is the Nepal that is intensely and starkly portrayed in Kevin Bubriski’s early photographs. He arrived in Nepal in 1975 as a 20-year-old Peace Corps volunteer who was assigned to build gravity-flow pipelines in the villages in the Karnali region.