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Visa pour l’image 2012: Krisanne Johnson

Swaziland, a kingdom with a population a little over a million and surrounded almost entirely by South Africa, is largely ignored by the media. It has drawn the attention of a few international organization due to the ravages of AIDS. The phenomenon illustrates the complexity of a country whose paradoxes Krisanne Johnson has captured for the past six years, without cliché or overdone pathos


PDNPulse: Getty Announces September 2009 Grant Winners

PDNPulse: Getty Announces September 2009 Grant Winners:

Getty Images today completed its fifth annual photojournalism grants program by announcing that Krisanne Johnson, Brenda Kenneally (both from the United States) and Zalmai (from Afghanistan and Switzerland) have been selected to each receive $20,000 grants, as well as collaborative editorial support from Getty Images, to pursue their documentary photography projects.