Paolo Pellizzari’s Panoramic View of the World of Sports | American Photo

“This isn’t conventional sports photography,” explained Pellizzari in an interview conducted via email. Rather than focusing on the athlete(s), this Italian-born Belgium resident has “opted for a wider view like a stage play. It allows each aspect [of a sporting event] to be examined: the competitors as well as the spectators.” To capture this wider view, the photographer uses the German-made Noblex swing-lens panoramic camera and Fujifilm Fujicolor Pro 400H film in the 120 medium format.

Tour de Panoramic (8 Photos)

In Paolo Pellizzari’s The Broad Way,” the photographer captures bright-colored panoramic landscapes around the world. He uses a Noblex camera, which captures a 135 degree view that corresponds to the natural sweep of the human eye. Rich in detail, each photograph illustrates a scene of daily life, making the viewer feel a part of the scene. Pellizzari’s photos are on view at Anastasia Photo until August 31.