Sweat, Endless Pints, and Feathered Hair: Photos from a Seaside UK Club in the Pre-Rave 80s

These photos illustrate that the way we drink in the UK hasn't really changed for the past 30 years, and that's almost comforting.

These film photos, shot from 1984 to 1987 in a Merseyside club by photographer Tom Wood, show as much. He collated them into book Looking for Love, released in 1989. "I first picked up the book in the college library in Farnham circa 1992, and my belly rolled over at the greatness of it," wrote fellow photographer Gareth McConnell, in the introduction to his own book: Looking for Looking for Love.

Tom Wood, the Eye and Soul of Liverpool

For thirty years, Tom Wood has trained his unblinking eye on the streets of working-class Liverpool, largely forgotten by the rest of Britain. There they call him “Photie Man.” In the home of the Beatles lies a parallel society, set adrift, with its own codes and language. Tom Wood observes this world, shooting it from every angle with absolute realism, far removed from the humor of his friend, Martin Paar, or the engaged cinema of Kenneth Loach. From these raw, almost cruel images, a strange, gnawing poetry is born.