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As uncertainty and anxiety over coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to proliferate, media organizations have tasked a handful of freelance photographers to document the outbreak. The situation is even more perilous because unlike the sub-genres of war or nat

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Yana Paskova Reveals the Story Behind Those Michael Cohen Photos - PhotoShelter Blog

Yana Paskova's images of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen went viral. But getting the shot wasn't as straightforward as you might think. An inside scoop plus the support of her photo editor allowed Paskova to capture Cohen in an unscripted moment outside the Lo

In the on-going Stormy Daniels saga, Michael Cohen has gained national prominence as President Trump’s longtime fixer and personal lawyer who tends to play by his own rules. On a day that he probably should have been in court, Cohen was found outside the Loews Regency in New York palling around smoking a cigar. Yana Paskova was one of two photographers on the scene, and her tightly composed images quickly went viral, and became fodder for internet memes.

A Dark Room

Yana Poskova on SportsShooter:

On my last day, I printed each doctor and patient a photograph. Many had never before possessed one. As I watched patients tape the pictures above their beds, I leaned against the peeling wall in solitude with my thoughts. I had slowly realized that while this experience taught me much about photography (using an environment with little activity and light,) and about interacting with my subjects (listening to what they wanted you to tell, and respecting what they didn’t,) my greatest lesson was one in motivation-in my personal and professional life, both of which I would try to take for granted less than before. When the patients and doctors asked me to return in 2007, I wanted to tell them all this, but I again lacked words; so I just promised I would. Instead, as gratitude, I hoped my images would shed light on the worth of each of their lives.