Some Clarity in Albany's Heavy Haze: The Work of Nathaniel Brooks –

Some Clarity in Albany’s Heavy Haze

Covering politicians in the state capital, Nathaniel Brooks gets blindsided, misled and stage-managed. What’s not to like?

via Lens Blog:

Usually, it’s a press conference. It’s all very stagy. They come out for 10 minutes, and you get 10 minutes to photograph them. My job — day in, day out — is making the incredibly mundane interesting. A lot of times, it’s just a person standing in front of a podium in a not-very-well-lit space. There’s often not much to work with. That’s the challenge and, in a way, that’s what makes it fun. It’s so hard to take a meaningful photograph. What they force-feed you is their version of what you should be photographing.