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Altered States: The Way We Live Today is LUCEO’s second group exhibition of recent and best works, images that reflect LUCEO’s commitment to collaboration, artistic support, and exchange.  In his forward to this limited edition exhibition catalog, show curator Brian Clamp distinguishes LUCEO from the traditional artistic model, noting that the “classic vision of the artist is a solitary figure locked away in a studio with private inspirations and visions.”  Contrary to this model, Clamp’s curation reflects a modern view of the photographer, images that show a deep and personal collaboration with the communities that host the photographers as well as mutual respect and support shared amongst the artists themselves.  

Printed on heavy stock, perfect bound, with a limited press run of 300, each issue is a collector’s item.  Each hand-numbered piece contains 31 original photographs, edited, sequenced and displayed to best reflect the delicate balance of images curated for the exhibition. Altered States: The Way We Live Today follows on the heels of LUCEO’s and MJR’s 2010 collaborative catalog, recently reviewed by Time magazine’s Paul Moakley for PDN as “the number one promo I’ve received since I’ve been here.”

Link: Limited Edition Exhibition Catalog Pre-Sale Through Jan. 6th | Luceo Images

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