Ami Vitale’s Beautiful Cultures and Powerful Documentary


PHOTOGRAPHY: Ami Vitale’s Beautiful Cultures and Powerful Documentary | the adventure life:

Of course photojournalism is important but it has always been a struggle to find support even since I began. Just because magazines and newspapers are going through a difficult period does not reduce the need for great storytelling and I believe now is a perfect time to find opportunity and recreate ourselves for other mediums. I feel it’s a glorious time for photojournalism and story telling. Our medium is changing and the new opportunities are out there but take a little more work to find. I don’t understand why everyone is afraid of change, the same thing happened to radio years ago. Everyone said it was dead. Photography is not dead and if we can harness all the creativity and tools available to us, we can make some amazing work and deliver it to audiences we never dreamt of reaching before. I see this as an empowering and exciting time.

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