Finding Fraternity and Politics in Algerian Soccer

Fethi Sahraoui has been photographing young Algerians who rush to local stadiums for biweekly soccer matches and for a chance to be heard.

The sport is so popular in the North African nation and the region, that it’s been given the Marxist treatment: “We call it the opium of the people,” Fethi Sahraoui said. Since 2015, Mr. Sahraoui has photographed roughly 30 games in his hometown, Mascara, and in neighboring Relizane. The result is “Stadiumphilia.”

13 Stories That Captured Photography in 2018

Because photography touches most everything, our topics have been far-ranging — from the environment, cyberbullying and immigration to race, gender and class. We have written about famed photographers like Dorothea Lange, Gordon Parks and Diane Arbus as well as emerging image makers like Citlali Fabián, Fethi Sahraoui, Daniel Edwards and Mengwen Cao. And we have written about the need for more diverse storytellers to help us better understand the world we live in.

Five Photographers Win the 2017 CAP Prize

Five photographers won the 2017 CAP Prize for their series which all engage with the African continent and encourage a rethinking of the African image.

Girma Berta, Emmanuelle Andrianjafy, Georges Senga, Fethi Sahraoui and Lebohang Kganye are the winners of this year’s CAP Prize— the Contemporary African Photography Prize, awarded by the CAP Association