Perspective | Inside one photographer’s powerful catalogue of the human condition

NOOR photographer Francesco Zizola selects images from his colleague, Pep Bonet's archive.

This installment of In Sight’s series, “PHOTOGRAPHERS edit PHOTOGRAPHERS,” pairs Francesco Zizola and Pep Bonet from the international photo agency NOOR. Italian photographer Zizola has selected images from Spanish photographer Bonet’s extensive archive of projects.

Perspective | A Russian photojournalist selects powerful images about Africa made by his Italian colleague

PHOTOGRAPHERS edit PHOTOGRAPHERS: Francesco Zizola spent years covering the suffering of African people and the route across the Mediterranean Sea by those seeking refuge in Europe. Yuri Kozyrev selects work from his archive.

The first edit is by Russian photojournalist Yuri Kozyrev, who selected work from Italian photojournalist Francesco Zizola. “Italians are such amazing people.  They enjoy life, they love their food, but they are also very serious. Francesco is a very serious photojournalist and I greatly admire his work on Africa and the refugee crisis,” Kozyrev said.

‘We Clean History’: Thoughts on Another Crimea

I recently reread Phillip Knightley’s The First Casualty, a commanding account of the role of war correspondents from the 1854 Crimean War through until the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. The book brillian…

Another Crimea brings together six photographers from the prominent photographic agencies Noor, VII and Magnum. The photographers (Christopher Morris, Francesco Zizola, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Olivia Arthur, Pep Bonet and Yuri Kozyrev) each produced a documentary photo series, or in one case a film, in the region over ten days in summer 2014

Creating Cultural Understanding Through Stories (6 Photos)

“Eyes on the World,” a collection moving, provocative, inspiring photographs from the Alexia Foundation’s archive is currently on display at 25CPW Gallery in New York City through June 23. The exhibit includes “Keg Stand Queens,” a project on binge-drinking among college-aged women, by the foundation’s 2011 student award winner, Amanda Berg. Other featured photographers include Jan Dago, Francesco Zizola and 2013 grant winner Abir Abdullah whose work depicts the perils of working in Bangladesh garment factories. The Alexia Foundation photojournalists through grants, scholarships and special projects. Since 1991, the foundation has awarded $700,000 to photo students and professionals.