Perspective | Five powerful stories from this year’s Visa Pour L’Image: International Festival of Photojournalism

Five photographers exhibit five stories in this year's annual event.

There are 25 exhibits this year. In Sight is taking a look at five notable exhibitions from photographers Lynsey Addario, Adriana Loureiro Fernandez, Kirsten Luce, Laura Morton and Kasia Strek.

A Tale of Abuse and Fear Inside the Stash Houses of Texas - Feature Shoot

In 2014, two Central American migrants fled a stash house in Alton, Texas, where they had been kept, abused, and beaten by human smugglers. Thirsty and overheated, they walked all the way to the local police station, imploring the authorities to help the

New York City-based photographer Kirsten Luce, who worked alongside the authorities, was there when the men gave a harrowing account of having been brutally attacked and extorted, and she went along for the raid. Their choice to come forward, stresses Luce, ensured deportation, but the alternative was even more grim.