The 2021 Lenscratch Student Prize: 26 to Watch - LENSCRATCH

Every year we seek to celebrate the next generation of photographic artists through our Student Prize Awards program. 2021 was a stellar year for photography, not only with a record number of excellent submissions, but the work itself reflected deep think

This Is What Dinnertime Looks Like in Different Households - Feature Shoot

Tuesday: Alex, Sophia, Kathy, David, Claudia, Eva & Ana. 2015 Wednesday: Emilio, Rhonda, Benedetto, Skylrae, and Jacomo. 2014 Wednesday: Willie Mae. 2013 “I’m super nosy about people’s habits,” Milwaukee photographer…

“I’m super nosy about people’s habits,” Milwaukee photographer Lois Bielefeld admits. “I’ve always craved going into people’s homes- it’s inspiring, curious. It gives so many sometimes subtle and sometimes blatant insights about someone.”